C-Arm Refurbishing & Reconditioning

Quest Imaging Solutions C-Arm Refurbishment Process:

  1. Upon arrival at our facility, the system is externally cleaned and disinfected.
  2. System is fully tested and a comprehensive system report is generated.
  3. Problems are either repaired at this time, or, if it is more practical to make the repair when
    the system is dismantled, then needed repairs are noted on report which stays with
    machine throughout the process.
  4. System is dismantled and any additional issues or potential problems found are noted on
    report or repaired at this time.
  5. System is internally disinfected. Special attention is given to X-ray tube and collimator area
    where the majority of contamination is located.
  6. Subassemblies are dismantled, disinfected and moved to respective service areas.
  7. Old hospital labels, tape, adhesive, etc. are completely removed.
  8. Dismantled units and components are moved to the paint line.
  9. Units and components to be painted are sanded, dents are removed or filled, scratches are
    sanded out or filled and then a primer coat is applied.
  10. Two coats of high quality polyurethane paint are applied.
  11. After curing for 24 hours, painted units and components are brought back to their
    designated reassembly areas.
  12. Vertical column rollers and drive chain are checked and lubricated as necessary.
  13. C-Arm “C” is removed and rollers and orbital movement brake pad are checked and
    replaced as necessary.
  14. Flip flop bearings are adjusted and lubricated as necessary.
  15. Horizontal slide bearings, rollers and stops are checked and replaced as necessary.
  16. Robot cable that travels through column and horizontal slide is checked for wear and proper
  17. Wheels and casters are checked, cleaned and replaced as necessary.
  18. C-Arms with rear wheel steering system is adjusted and aligned, steering shaft coupler is
    checked for stripped screws and screws are replaced as necessary.
  19. Footswitch pedals are adjusted. A cut footswitch cable is replaced. Connector and pins are
    replaced as necessary.
  20. C-Arm and monitor cart is reassembled. Monitor cart CRT’s are replaced as necessary.