EZ10 Automatic Autoclave

EZ10 Automatic Autoclave For Sale. Simply push a button and the Tuttnauer EZ10 Autoclave will fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry pouches and packs.



Tuttnauer EZ10 Fully Automatic Autoclave For Sale

The Tuttnauer EZ10 is a fully automatic, closed-door autoclave system that can meet all your sterilization needs. The chamber door remains closed during the drying cycle. Hepa filtered air circulates throughout the chamber. The digital display panel is clear and visible from a distance. Sterilize and dry at the touch of a button with the EZ10.

EZ10 Autoclave Features:

  • New read panel that’s bright and easy to read
  • Customize your own program paremeters for easy storage
  • High-efficiency air pump
  • Optional internal printer (date, time, temperature pressure)


Chamber Dimensions: 10″x19″
Number of Trays: 4
Cassette Capacity: 3 full and 3 half

EZ10 Brochure [PDF]