GEMSS KMC 650 C-Arm Machine For Sale and rent from KenQuest Medical. The GEMSS KMC-650 is a surgery-exclusive digital flouroscope offering high performance and economic feasibility. This C-Arm system is used for neurosurgery, pain management, emergency room and orthopedics.


GEMSS KMC-650 C-Arm Machine For Sale

KenQuest supplies new and refurbished GEMSS KMC-650 C-Arms for sale and rent. The GEMSS KMC-650 C-Arm is versatile, compact, economical and designed with advanced hardware and next generation software, the KMC 650 is the perfect solution for small budgets. This C-arm is used in neurosurgery, pain management, emergency room and orthopedics.

Excellent high resolution imaging, dose management and increased functionality promote safety and improved workflows.

Superb Image Quality:

With its high-resolution CCD camera, this system provides users with optimal image diagnostic environments by supporting detailed and clear images.

Efficiency of Workflow:

Its (ergonomic) design focused on users’ convenience maximize the efficiency of surgery environments.

Convenience of Use:

Its user-centered functions and interface reflecting users’ needs in earnest provide convenient diagnostic environments to user

Reinforced Safety:

Dose Management: Such its functions as Virtual collimator, Pulse mode, Air kerma and Laser guide will reduce unnecessary radiation-exposed dose for both users and patients

GEMSS KMC-650 Features:

  • Compact Design with Expanded 31.5” (800mm) Free Space
  • and 39.3” (1,000mm) SID
  •  Increased Orbital Rotation: 135° C-arc
  •  High Dynamic Camera: 1K x 1K CCD
  •  High Frequency Monoblock Generator: 2kW/40kHz
  •  Multi-Pulse Mode up to Maximum Frames/Second: 30fps
  •  Convenient F-Key Presets
  • Complete Compatibility: DICOM 3.0