GEMSS Spinel 12HD


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GEMSS Spinel 12HD C-Arm Machine For Sale

GEMSS Spinel 12HD Full Size Mobile C-Arm for sale from Quest Imaging Solutions. This C-Arm has a flat panel detector (FPD} which offers high-quality images, without any distortion at a wider exposure range.

New design allows this mobile C-Arm to be moved throughout confined spaces in a hospital or operating room increasing hospital efficiency and patient comfort.

GEMSS Spinel 12HD Features:

  • Superb Image Quality
    •  True Digital Image
    • Optimized X-ray Configuration
    • ABC, Metal Detection
    • Angio Package:  includes DSA, Road map, Re-Mask, Pixel-Shift, Max Peak and Opacification, and Bone Land marking
  • Design Optimized for Surgery Environments
    • Wider operating Range
    • Compact Design
    • Steering and Braking-combined Handle
    • Detachable Grid
  • Convenience of Use
    • 15.4″ Flat Screen Monitor
    • Control Panel (rotates 270 degrees)
      • Large Touch Screen (easily recognize images)
    • Foot Switch – programmable, multifunction
      • 15 available funtions
      • DSA & Roadmap on/off
    • Monitor Cart – simple compact design
    • Third Monitor (designed to integrate with 3rd large screen monitor)
    • CXView3 – includes GEMSS user friendly software
  • Reinforced safety
    • Dose Management:  Dose report, Low Dose Mode, Pulse ½ & ¼ Mode, Multi Leaf Collimator & Virtual Collimator, and two-way Laser Guide…all designed to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure for both users and patients.