Pedigo 5400 Stretcher

The 5400 Series universal transport stretcher is versatile, yet economical. It is a prudent, practical choice for ED, OR, PACU, or any application where the combination of cost, efficiency and quality are desired.



Pedigo 5400 Stretcher For Sale


•  500 lb. capacity

•  True Direction Steering (TDS)

•  Side rails – full length, single release

•  Center column design with precision ball bearings

•  Positive/negative Trendelenburg single pneumatic assist cylinder

• Pneumatic assist fowler (400 N 90# force)

• Brake & Steer activated foot pedals

• Dual side-mounted hydraulic foot pedals

• Four corner IV pole receptacles

•  Four restraint strap positions

•  Full PVC perimeter bumper

•  8″ easy mobility casters

•   Latex Free


Rail System:

Easily cleaned and disinfected. The full length tuck-away side rails enable easier patient transfer by creating a zero transfer gap. Rails have an easily accessed release latch located centrally on both sides of the litter top below the patient surface.

Pneumatic Assist Fowler:

Enables safe and easy raising and lowering of your patient

Hydraulic height adjustment foot pedals:

Hydraulic Foot Pedals are located on both sides of the stretcher within the patient care zone. Color-coded pedals and function graphics are easy to grasp and understand.

Center Column Support:

Sturdy steel column with single hydraulic lift cylinder utilizes sixteen precision ball-bearings to smoothly raise and lower the patient

True Direction Steering (TDS):

Improved stretcher control can be attained by simply engaging the True Direction Steering system. The steer caster located at the end of the stretcher near the patient’s right foot will lock as the steering pedal is applied.

Patient lifts:

The 5400 Series Stretcher has 5-7/8″ H of clearance between floor and cowling to easily accommodate and utilize patient lifts.


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