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    New GEMSS KMC-650 C-Arms For Sale

    Superb Image Quality and Economic Feasibility

    Quest Imaging Solutions is excited to offer the new GEMSS KMC 650 C-Arm Machine. This C-Arm combines advanced performance and real affordability. Because of the expanded free space of its larger operating area, increased SID and 135 degrees of C-arc rotation, the KMC 650 is more convenient for operators and more comfortable for patients. Operators will appreciate the KMC 650’s pictographic touch-screen display, the ease of movement and the convenient F-key presets.
    The 2kW/40kHz High Frequency Monoblock provides a wide exposure range and “Boost Mode” to penetrate dense anatomy. With its 1K by 1K high resolution CCD camera, Virtual Collimator, Pulse Mode, Air Kerma display and dual high resolution 19-inch flat screen monitors, the KMC 650 produces the highest quality images while keeping X-ray dose to a minimum.

    High-resolution CCD camera images from a KMC-650 C-Arm

    In 2016, the GEMSS KMC 650 received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In making the announcement Gary Kohler, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of GEMSS North America, Inc. said “The KMC 650 is a real improvement in low priced C-arms and the FDA clearance will be good news to doctors, hospitals and clinics struggling with recent budget difficulties.”
    Kohler also said that GEMSS North America, Inc. is now concentrating solely on C-arms and that the SPINEL 12HD, a high-end C-arm with 15.3” flat panel detector.

    Purchase GEMSS C-Arm Machines from Quest Imaging Solutions

    KMC 650 C-Arm Machine For Sale
    KMC 650 C-Arm Workstation

    The KMC-650 is a compact and economical C-arm system suitable for various applications in pain management, orthopedics and emergency rooms.
    With its  1K  CCD camera, the KMC-650 produces  excellent high-resolution images and promotes precise diagnosis and safe operation. User d efined Function Keys provide pre-sets for dose management and image calibration per imaging area.
    The compact design and wide C-arc save space and increase flexibility, while the expanded free space and 135° orbital rotation increase patient access, decrease re-positioning and improve efficiency to  assure the highest quality imaging and improved workflows in each clinical application.

    Quest Imaging Solutions is an Authorized GEMSS Dealer

    GEMSS C-Arms are sold exclusively by by their network of independent dealers.
    Quest Imaging Solutions is an authorized GEMSS medical equipment dealer and leading provider of new, used, & refurbished C-Arms, C-arm tables, operating room equipment, and medical devices for hospitals throughout the United States and North America.

    We sell new GEMSS KMC-650 and Spinal 3G C-arm as well as refurbished C-Arms from most manufacturers and other medical imaging devices including Ultrasound Machines and X-Ray Systems. See our GEMSS C-Arm product pages below…

    • GEMSS Spinel 3G C-Arm

      GEMSS Spinel 3G C-Arm

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