PR: KenQuest Forms A Partnership With Medidrapes

Las Vegas, NV, November 1, 2012
KenQuest Medical has expanded to include investment partners, announced the company’s CEO on October 29. The medical company, began in the late 1980’s in southern California, has formed a partnership with MediDrapes, Inc. out of Chicago,IL.
“The pairing of these two companies will provide complimentary services for the customers of both,” said Gary Darnell, President and CEO of KenQuest Medical. “We are working with KenQuest staff and vendors to expand our current offerings as well as move towards a synergy with MediDrapes.”
Darnell mentioned there will be no changes in the way KenQuest serves its current customers, and all pre-existing warranties and contracts will be honored. For the staff, it will remain business as usual.
“Ken is still an investor in the company and has a vested interest in the success of it,” explained Darnell. “We will continue to learn from him in terms of product knowledge and he will still be available to assist our management team with any questions we might have.”