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    GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound System

    From the mid-range of GE’s advanced Voluson series of ultrasound machines, the GE Voluson S8 ultrasound aims to deliver extraordinary imaging performance for busy practices.

    With HDLive, semi-automated fetal biometry, Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging, and SonoAVC™ follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count follicle), the used GE Voluson S8 provides more advanced features for those with busier practices or hospitals needing a more efficient, high-quality women’s health ultrasound machine.


    GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound Machine

    The GE ultrasound Voluson S8, is a high-end women’s health 4D ultrasound machine that has a price and features in-between the Voluson E8 and the Voluson S6. The Voluson line from GE is known worldwide for providing the best 4D imaging currently available though Samsung is catching up. The Voluson S8 and S6 look identical and even use most of the same transducers. The main difference is that the S6 uses half the channels of the Voluson S8. This produces a significant difference in image quality between the Voluson S8 and S6. The GE Voluson S8 uses the same cost-effective RS transducers as the Voluson-i portable. The Voluson S8 offers near E8 level image quality at a lower price and much smaller, lighter form factor.

    All Voluson ultrasound machines are focused on women’s health, especially obstetrics, gynecology, and fertility. Secondary applications include general imaging, adult & pediatric cardiology and neonatal cardiology. Doctors looking for shared service capabilities from a GE ultrasound machine should consider the GE Logiq S8 instead.


    Application training for the GE Voluson S8

    KPI’s on-staff sonographer can provide onsite applications training or remote training via video conference for the Voluson S8 at a set price plus travel costs. A pre-recorded video training course is included in the sale, lease or rental of the Voluson S8 from KPI ultrasound.

    Voluson S8 Service options

    Free technical support is available from KPI during installation and over the course of the standard limited warranty. Technical support is available after the warranty period at an hourly cost per issue.

    GE Voluson S8 Maintenance:

    KPI recommends the use of a surge protector along with a dedicated power outlet. Probes should be disinfected after every use with a disinfectant wipe proven not to damage the lens (KPI recommends SonoWipes for this.) KPI recommends one PM (preventative maintenance) every year.

    GE Voluson S8 Dimensions & Weight

    Height: (adjustable, maximum) 1725 mm (67.9 in), (minimum) 975 mm (38.4 in)
    Width: 620 mm (24.4 in)
    Depth: 850 mm (33.4 in)
    Weight: (no Peripherals) 90 kg (198 lbs.), approx. 325 lbs. with packaging

    Voluson S8 Specifications

    Digital Beamformer
    335,127 system processing channel technology
    Minimum Depth of Field: 0-1 cm (Zoom, probe dependent)
    Maximum Depth of Field: 0-36 cm (probe dependent)
    Up to 261 dB Dynamic Range adjustable by selecting 12 Dynamic Contrast Curves

    GE Voluson S8 Electrical

    Voltage: 100-120VAC, 220-240VAC
    Frequency: 50/60 Hz ( /-2%)
    Power consumption: Nominal 900VA including all options. Typical power consumption with 500VA load approx. 1.75A at 230V/50Hz without peripherals.
    Thermal Output: 1200 BTU/h

    GE Voluson S8 Revisions: BT11 to BT15

    GE first launched the Voluson S8 in 2011. That first version was designated as BT11. “BT” is an abbreviation of “Break Through” and the number designates the year in which this version was launched. So the Voluson S8 BT11 was launched in 2011 and was in production till the next version in 2012, the Voluson S8 BT12. The Voluson S8 BT12 improved the image quality but kept the same feature set. The GE Voluson S8 BT14 added HD live (highly improved the 3D/4D image quality) as a hardware upgrade option. This option requires different hardware than the non-HD-live version. The current version of the Voluson S8 is the BT15 that adds a cellular modem kit, and MMS/Email connectivity. KPI recommends buying the Voluson S8 BT14 or higher w/ HDlive because this new technology has become the industry standard.

    All revisions of the GE Voluson S8

    GE Voluson S8 (BT11)
    GE Voluson S8 (BT12)
    GE Voluson S8 (BT14)
    GE Voluson S8 (BT15)

    Popular configurations of the Voluson S8 in 2016

    GE Voluson S8 (BT12) with 3 transducers

    RAB4-8-RS 4D Convex

    4C-RS 2D Convex

    E8C-RS 2D Endovaginal

    All GE Voluson S8 probes/transducers

    4D Convex RAB2-5-RS [ 1 – 5 MHz ] 192 elements, 46mm, max scanning depth 30cm
    4D Convex RAB2-6-RS [ 2 – 6 MHz ] 192 elements, 46mm, max depth 26cm
    4D Convex RAB4-8-RS [ 2 – 8 MHz ] 192 elements, 46mm, max scanning depth 26cm
    4D Endocavitary RIC5-9W-RS [ 4 – 9 MHz ] 192 elements, 11.6mm, max scanning depth 16cm

    Endocavitary E8C-RS [ 4 – 10 MHz ] 128 elements, 10.7mm, max scanning depth 16cm

    Convex C1-5-RS [ 2 – 5 MHz ] 192 elements, 56.1mm, max scanning depth 30cm
    Convex 4C-RS [ 2 – 5 MHz ] 128 elements, 60.0mm, max scanning depth 30cm
    Convex AB2-7-RS [ 2 – 8 MHz ] 192 elements, 40.0mm, max scanning depth 28cm
    Micro convex 8C-RS [ 4 – 10 MHz ] 128 elements, 10.7mm, max scanning depth 16cm

    Linear 12L-RS [ 4 – 12 MHz ] 192 elements, 37mm FOV, max scanning depth 8cm
    Linear 9L-RS [ 3 – 8 MHz ] 192 elements, 37mm FOV, max scanning depth 14cm
    Linear Matrix ML6-15-RS [ 4 – 13 MHz ] 336 elements, 50mm FOV, max scanning depth 12cm

    Cardiac sector 3Sc-RS [ 1 – 4 MHz ] 64 elements, 50° FOV, max scanning depth 24cm
    Pediatric cardiac sector 12S-RS [ 5 – 11 MHz ]18mm footprint, max scanning depth 12cm

    Pencil Transducer P2D [ 2 MHz ] CW Split Crystal

    Advanced Voluson S8 transducers: 4D and Matrix

    The Voluson S8 supports a wide range of 2D and 3D probes that help medical professionals obtain great images, especially in the first trimester and in complex gynecological exams. The Voluson S8 supports four mechanical 4D transducers; 3 convex and 1 endocavitary. The advanced C1-5-RS convex offers exceptional 2D imaging. The ML6-15-RS linear probe features matrix technology for breast imaging and provides excellent spatial resolution and image uniformity in a 50 mm footprint that reduces the number of passes needed in a breast exam.

    Popular GE Voluson S8 transducers

    The RAB4-8-RS 4D convex gives the broadest range of penetration. The E8C-RS endocavitary and 12L-RS are both inexpensive and are popular on a wide variety of GE systems. The RIC5-9W-RS is the only 4D transducer on the Voluson S8 that offers elastography. The C1-5-RS convex is popular for 2D imaging as it offers a wider bandwidth and superior imaging.

    Voluson S8 comparison with other GE ultrasound machines

    The Voluson S8 was created as a brand new design to provide a less-expensive, smaller alternative to the popular Voluson E8 and does not replace a previous model. Both the Voluson S8 and the Voluson E8 have many of the same features, and HD live was even added as an option on later models of the S8. The main differences are the transducers used and the number of channels. The S8 cuts costs by reducing both. The Voluson S8 was created at the same time as the less expensive Voluson S6. Both use the same probes and look identical on the outside. The Voluson S6 does not have access to 2 of the advanced probes of the S8, namely the more advanced C5-1-RS convex and the ML6-15-RS matrix linear. The Voluson S6 also has half the channels of he Voluson S8 so there is a significant difference in image quality. The Logiq S8 looks identical to the Voluson S8 on the outside but offers a broader set of transducers and support for all cardiac applications and should be considered by those not specializing in women’s health and 4D. The Logiq S8’s price point is identical to the Voluson S8.

    GE Voluson S8 vs E6

    The GE Voluson E6 looks nearly identical to the more expensive Voluson E8, but has half the channels. In price and image quality it is nearly identical to the Voluson S8. The S8 is a newer design and has a smaller size and weight. However the Voluson E6 can use the same transducers as the E8. These transducers offer better image quality and a wider range of transducers but at a higher price. So when choosing between the Voluson S8 and E6, it comes down to 2 choices; do you prioritize smaller size and a lower probe price? If so then the Voluson S8 is a better choice. Or if you want more transducer options and slight edge in image quality from those same advanced transducers then choose the Voluson E6. Remember to look at which revision of the E6 you are considering as there is a much larger difference between the features of the E6 over the years where as the Voluson S8 has relatively few changes from BT11 to BT15.


    GE Voluson S8 Features:

    These are features that are standard on the Voluson S8 BT12.

    19” High-Resolution TFT LCD Monitor
    Innovative user interface with onscreen menus
    3 Active Probe Port
    3D/4D Mode
    4D Biopsy
    Automatic Tissue Optimization
    Coded Excitation (CE)
    Coded Harmonic Imaging with Pulse Inversion Technology
    Tissue Doppler
    Advanced SRI
    CrossXBeam CRI
    B Mode only
    B Power Doppler Mode
    B CFM Doppler Mode
    B HD-Flow Mode
    B CRI
    B CRI PD
    B CRI HD-Flow
    B B-Flow
    Focus & Frequency Composite (FFC)
    Inversion mode
    High-Resolution Zoom
    Pan Zoom
    Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI)
    Virtual Convex
    Wide Angle on endovaginal probes
    Patient information database
    Image Archive on hard drive
    3D/4D data compression (lossy/lossless)
    Real-time automatic Doppler calculations
    OB Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    GYN Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Vascular Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Cardio Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Abdominal Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Small-Parts Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Urology Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Pediatrics Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Musculoskeletal Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Neurology Measurement, Calculations & Reports
    Multigestational Calculations and Fetal Trending
    CINE Memory: 140MB; up to 7,000 frames, Dual/Quad Display, Review Loop and speed
    Integrated HD (500 GB)

    GE Voluson S8 technology definitions:

    4D Biopsy: For minimally invasive procedures like biopsies, ultrasound is a widely used method to visualize and guide the needle. 4D biopsy allows for real time control of the biopsy needle in s 3D multi-planar display. The Voluson S8 with 4D Biopsy shows the region of interest in three perpendicular planes (longitudinal, transversal and frontal sections) and can guide the biopsy needle accurately into the center of the lesion.

    CE: Coded Excitation improves image resolution and penetration in the far field on the Voluson S8. This allows the user to scan at higher frequencies on technically difficult patients.

    Advanced SRI: A nonlinear diffusion filtering technique that improves image quality in real time by reducing speckles. Available in all B-mode imaging on any probe compatible with the Voluson S8.

    CrossXBeam CRI: This technology is borrowed from the E8. It is compound resolution imaging used to improve border and image clarity the Voluson S8.

    SonoNT: Allows for semi-automatic Nuchal Translucency measurements.

    FFC: Focus and Frequency Composite is a Voluson S8 technology that utilizes two different transmission frequencies and two different focal ranges in the 2D image. This function combines a low frequency to increase the penetration and higher frequency to keep the resolution high. It reduces speckles and artifacts in the 2D image to facilitate the examination of difficult-to-scan patients.

    SonoRender Start: This technology on the Voluson S8 speeds up the acquisition of the fetal face in 4D.

    TUI: This is a new visualization mode for 3D and 4D data sets on the Voluson S8. The data is presented as slices through the data set which are parallel to each other. An overview image, which is orthogonal to the parallel slices, shows which parts of the volume are displayed in the parallel planes. This method of visualization is consistent with the way other medical systems such as CT or MRI, present the data to the user. The distance between the different planes can be adjusted to the requirements of the given data set. In addition, it is possible to set the number of planes. The planes and the overview image can also be printed to a DICOM printer, for easier comparison
    of the ultrasound data with CT and/or MRI data.

    VOCAL: Imaging program opens up completely new possibilities in cancer diagnosis, therapy
    planning and follow-up therapy control. It offers different functions: Manual or Semi-automatic Contour detection of structures (such as tumor lesion, cyst, prostate, etc.) and subsequent volume calculation. The accuracy of the process can be visually controlled by the examiner in a multi-planar display. A virtual shell can be specified around the contour of the lesion. The wall thickness of the shell can be defined. The shell can be imagined as a layer of tissue around the lesion, where the tumor vascularization takes place. Automatic calculation of the vascularization within the shell by 3D color histogram by comparing the number of color voxels to the number of grayscale voxels.

    Beta View: allows the adjustment of the Volume O-Axis position of 3D
    probes in 2D mode. The green line in the displayed symbol indicates the position of
    the acoustic block. and – defines the corresponding sweep direction on the Touch

    GE Voluson S8 Accessories

    Sony UPD-897MD Digital Black & white thermal printer
    Sony UPD-898MD Digital Black & white thermal printer
    Sony UPX-898MD Digital Black & white thermal printer
    Sony UPD-25MD Digital Color thermal printer
    Mitsubishi P95DW Digital Black & white thermal printer
    Mitsubishi CP30DW Digital Color thermal printer
    Sony DVO-1000 DVD Recorder
    CIVCO disposable biopsy guides (for Convex, Linear and Endo-cavity transducers)

    Voluson S8 Supplies

    Aquasonic ultrasound gel
    Sono ultrasound wipes
    Sony UPP-110HG thermal printing paper
    Sony UPC-21L color thermal printing pack
    Mitsubishi CK30L printing paper
    Mitsubishi K95HG high gloss thermal printing paper

    GE Voluson S8 ports

    3 active transducer ports
    3 USB Ports for External Peripherals
    2 USB Ports for On-board Peripherals
    Ethernet network connection
    1 HDMI Out Port
    1 Audio Out Port

    GE Voluson S8 Options

    These are features that are not standard on the Voluson S8 BT12, but which can be added to the configuration for an additional cost.

    Static 3D Mode
    3D/4D Expert
    Advanced VCI
    4D View PC Software
    Anatomical M-mode
    SonoVCAD heart
    SonoAVC follicle
    SonoVCAD labor
    Coded Contrast Imaging
    4D – Basic STIC:
    STIC CFM Doppler Mode
    STIC B-Flow
    STIC Power Doppler Mode
    STIC HD-Flow Mode
    STIC CRI HD-Flow
    DICOM 3.0 Support
    Scan Assistant
    ECG Digital Module
    CW Module
    Integrated Printers:
    B/W Printer
    Color Printer
    DVD Recorder
    Bluetooth Line Printer
    WLAN network connection
    USB Footswitch
    Footswitch with programmable functionality
    Horiz/Verti TV Holder
    Connection Module Report Data
    Isolation transformer
    Video Converter

    GE Voluson S8 options technology definitions

    Advanced VCI: Volume Contrast Imaging on the Voluson S8 utilizes 4D transducers to automatically scan multiple adjacent slices and delivers a real-time display of the ROI. This image results from a special rendering mode consisting of texture and transparency information. VCI improves the contrast resolution and therefore facilitates finding diffuse lesions.

    B-Flow: Used for viewing blood flow, for acute thrombosis, parenchymal flow, and jets.
    It helps to visualize complex hemodynamics and highlights moving blood in the tissue.
    B-Flow is less angle-dependent, has no velocity aliasing artifacts, displays a full field of view and provides better resolution when compared with Color-Doppler. It is, therefore, a more realistic and intuitive representation of flow information, allowing visualization of both high and low-velocity flow at the same time.

    Anatomical M-Mode: On the Voluson S8 this imaging mode displays a distance/time plot from a cursor line, which can be defined freely. The M-Mode display changes according to the motion of the M cursor. In the Dual format, two defined distances can be displayed at the same time. AMM is available in grayscale and color modes (CF, HD Flow, TD).

    SonoVCAD Heart: A Volsuon S8 technology that automatically generates a number of views of the fetal heart to make diagnosis easier.

    SonoAVC follicle: Automatically detects follicles in a volume of an organ (e.g., ovary) and analyze their shape and volume. From the calculated volume an average diameter can be calculated. It also lists objects according to their size.

    SonoVCAD labor: This Voluson S8 technology allows the user to measure fetal progression during the second stage of labor such as fetal head progression, rotation, and direction. The visual evidence and objective data of the labor process are provided. All SonoVCAD labor measurements are automatically added to the worksheet.

    Coded Contrast Imaging: This enhances the view of the Fallopian tubes vs. other tissue.

    Elastography: Visualization of the stiffness of tissue by assigning color values over B-mode.

    STIC: Spatiotemporal Imaging Correlation is a fetal echo provided by the Voluson S8 that visualizes the fetal heart or an artery in static 3D.

    VOCAL II: Allows the Voluson S8 to provide cancer diagnosis, therapy planning, and follow-up therapy control. It offers contour detection of structures and volume calculations. A virtual shell can be set around the contour of the lesion. VOCAL automatically calculates the vascularization within the shell by 3D color histogram by comparing the number of color voxels to the number of grayscale voxels.

    Scan Assistant: Automated step-by-step help for those new to scanning on the Voluson S8.

    GE Voluson S8 Standard Imaging Modes

    PW Doppler
    High PRF Doppler Mode
    Color Flow Doppler Mode (CFM)
    Power Doppler Mode (PD)
    Elastography mode
    Contrast Agent Mode (Contrast)
    M-Color Flow Modes (M/CF, M/HD-Flow, M/TD)
    Volume Modes (3D/4D):
    4D Real-Time
    4D Biopsy
    Real-Time Triplex

    Voluson S8 Optional Imaging Modes

    CW Doppler Mode (CW)
    Anatomical M-Mode
    B-Flow Mode (BF)
    VCI-A (Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging)
    VCI OmniView
    3D Static

    GE Voluson S8 Applications

    Applications or Apps are the types of exams or studies that an ultrasound machine can do. More than this if an ultrasound machine supports a specific application it will have calculations, measurement and reporting software included to support those apps and make them useful in a clinical environment.

    The GE Voluson S8 offers a broad selection of applications but is focused on OB/GYN and 4D.

    Small Parts
    Peripheral Vascular


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