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    The final determinant for your purchasing selection will be how many rads are you planning to put out, and how much will it cost?
    Prices and rad levels vary widely, with price tending to depreciate almost immediately after purchase of new unit (much like an automobile) while functionality remains the same. The current price range for used and refurbished C-arm imaging devices runs from  $5,000 to $140,000, with prices for new units ranging up to $200,000.
    The wide number of different models, features, and associated services make it very difficult to project the anticipated cost of a given unit for a given purpose without first building a list of specifications. This is the process of evaluating your machine’s expected use which was discussed in an earlier post. The prices for older models tend to be significantly lower, given their age and their relatively limited feature-sets. Late-model versions with many features, conversely, can be quite costly, even after significant reconditioning.
    It is important to remember to factor in additional cost for reconditioning, delivery, install, depending the condition of the system and your proximity to the vendor. Overall price should be determined by what features you really need. Be sure to take possible expansion of practice in the future into consideration as well.
    The costs will grow to include more than simply the on-board option bundle you ultimately decide upon. Some accessories are common enough to bear noting; Printers, DlCOM boxes and C-arm tables will definitely inflate your costs further.
    Used printers for medical imaging C-arms can cost up to $5000 themselves, depending on the size and media of the prints produced. Low-end images can be produced cheaply on Polaroid paper, while the middle-capacity machines usually use film printers in the 8″ X 10″ size. The most expensive machines print on both paper and film in sizes up to 11″ X 14″.
    A DlCOM system allows your C-arm to send its images to other viewing stations on your network. While newer C-arms usually include an on-board DICOM unit, older models often require a separate DICOM box to enable this functionality. A used DlCOM box can be bought for around $3,000, while a brand new one costs approximately $12,000. DICOM allows interface with a standard PACS system, allowing you to make multiple imaging devices available for independent viewing by users across your system.