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    Strategic Medical Equipment Solutions


    Quest Imaging Solutions supplies medical professionals through the entire industry with every type of medical equipment. Our inventory includes wide selections of products from most every major brand on the market today. One of our friendly and experienced representatives can help you find exactly the medical equipment you need, whether you are looking for high-end electronics such as mobile imaging equipment, or if you need to update your surgical instruments. Whatever your personal medical equipment needs may be, we have you covered. Our comprehensive and strategic medical equipment solutions serve a wide range of medical facilities and professionals, so you can rest assured our services and products will work for you.


    Starting your own surgical center is challenging enough without having to coordinate with dozens of vendors and other retailers. Fortunately, you can outfit your entire center with the help of one of our turn-key surgical center sales packages. We can supply you with every single item you will need to open and run your center, from the surgical lighting equipment to the chairs for your new waiting room.

    Our experts know exactly what your surgical center will need in order to get certified and begin providing quality services to patients as soon as possible. Quest provides new centers with all of the best affordable equipment, without any products that are not necessary, all while receiving a discounted price for bundling of equipment. Our distinct and customized medical equipment services work with your demands to ensure your new facility meets or exceeds industry standards, offering reliable and reputable patient care practices. 


    There are few tasks more daunting than trying to plan and choose the best equipment to correctly supply a surgical center, clinic, or hospital. Have all of that confusion and frustration lifted from your shoulders by enlisting the medical equipment planning services offered by Quest Imaging Solutions.

    The members of our medical equipment planning teams have many years in the medical industry, and have planned and strategized for many medical establishments in the past. Let us help you:

    • Receive your state certification
    • Design the layout of your Rooms
    • Provide you with lists of necessary equipment and recommendations
    • And much more

    With our help, you can be certified and providing quality medical services in no time at all!

    Quest is committed to transparency and accessibility, and our strategic medical equipment solutions can help you create, maintain, and support an ethical and reputable medical facility. We are ready today to work with your facility’s needs.


    If you are a medical equipment dealer, you know how important it is to have great sources for your products. By working directly with Quest Imaging Solutions, you can take advantage of our fantastic wholesale sales and service opportunities.

    We can provide you with quality new or refurbished brand name medical equipment.

    Not only can we provide you with equipment in great working condition, but we can also service your customer’s machines under your dealer company name. In exchange for you selling our fine product, we will gladly enhance the maintenance services that you can provide to your clients. We offer short- and long-term rental contracts, repair services, new or refurbished equipment, and so much more. You can rest assured you’re in the best of hands with Quest’s strategic medical equipment solutions. 

    For more information, please contact our wholesale department.


    Having medical equipment that is broken or malfunctioning in any way can literally be a life threatening problem. At Quest, we of course do not want to see anyone faced with this situation. This is why we offer medical equipment service contracts in order to keep your equipment in top notch working condition.

    If you are in need of a service contract for any of your equipment including you C-Arm, Ultrasound, or any other machines, our technicians can get you covered. We can provide your facility with repairs of your current equipment, extended warranties, service contracts, and more. To find out exactly how we can improve the maintenance of your medical equipment, please contact our service department today.

    See Our Premier C-Arm Service Maintenance Package


    Quest Imaging Solutions performs all of its refurbishing and reconditioning services in house, using their own highly trained and skilled expert technicians. The preowned medical equipment does not leave our facilities until it meets the original factory built safety standards and specifications. If your medical equipment is in need of refurbishment, or if you are a medical equipment dealer in need of quality refurbishment services, we have you covered.

    The refurbishment and equipment reconditioning services provided by Quest include:

    • Painting
    • Electrical Safety Inspections
    • New Parts Installation
    • Calibrations
    • Complete Rebuilds
    • Cosmetics
    • Much More

    To learn exactly how our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can improve your existing equipment, please contact our refurbishment department today.