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OEC LED Flat Screen Monitor

OEC LED Flat Screen Monitor Upgrade Services

OEC LED Flat Screen Monitor

Upgrade Your OEC 9800 or 9600 at KenQuest

We have good news for owners of GE OEC 9600/9800 C-arm machines–we can upgrade your monitor! Our installation services allows you to extend the life of your OEC workstation with a high definition LED touchscreen display. The old CRT screens are bulky and lack the convenience of visual clarity that modern flat screen technology provides. Below we’ve listed some reasons you should consider upgrading your GE OEC workstations.

OEC LED Flat Screen Monitor

Benefits of Upgrading to LED Screens

  1. This new monitor replacement is an exceptional alternative to the currently unavailable CRT monitors on GE OEC workstations. The viewing space that these new LED screens offers is an advantage.
  2. The resolution of the monitors removes the strain one might experience in focusing on the screen in a brightly lit examination room.
  3. The LED screens can be positioned on an articulating arm to meet whatever needs you have in an OR setting.
  4. Most importantly is the indispensable touch-screen technology that allows practitioners to quickly channel through the OEC’s options and patient records. The OEC 9800 was an early touch-screen technology that is brought up to speed with our modern screen installations, helping you get more mileage out of your OEC C-arm.
OEC LED Flat Screen Monitor

GE OEC monitor upgrade process in 60 minutes or less.

Installation in an Hour or Less

The high definition LED flat screen provides all the resolution and functionality you expect. Guaranteed to meet or exceed original factory specifications! This upgrade can be put on your current OEC C-arm that you own or one that you purchase from KenQuest Medical. The installation process of your new LED screen takes less than an hour!

The monitor upgrade package includes:

  • Touchscreen high resolution LED display
  • New monitor bezel
  • Mounting plates
  • Step-by-step installation instructions

Approved for all medical safety standards FDA registered.
Call for a quote 702-800-2287
Two year full replacement warranty

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