Equipment Rental Programs

Quest Imaging Solutions offers flexible medical equipment rental programs including daily rentals, month to month rental/lease programs, and rent to own programs.

Daily Equipment Rental Program:

Are you looking for a daily rental for your training lab? Need a C-Arm or piece of a medical equipment while yours is in for repairs? Our daily medical equipment rental program can help.

All daily rentals include delivery and pick up services.

Our daily rental program is ideal for…

  • Research and training facilities looking to do the occasional case study or education program
  • Surgical clinics and hospitals in need of a temporary rental solution while their existing system is down for maintenance or repairs.

*Please note: daily equipment rentals are subject to availability and limited to certain geographical locations (Las Vegas/Nevada Only). Please call for exceptions from these areas.

Monthly Equipment Rental Program:

Are you interested in adding additional medical equipment to your surgical center, clinic, or hospital but not ready to purchase? Would you prefer to try a specific C-Arm or medical device prior to making a significant capital investment? Our monthly rental program is perfect for these situations.

Quest Imaging Solutions monthly medical equipment rental program is one of our most popular services. With our monthly rental program you can rent all the equipment you need.

Some of the monthly rental program benefits include…

  • Month to month rentals with no long term leases or contracts. Please note: equipment rentals are subject to availability.
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • No Service Cost: As long as you are renting the equipment we take care of all service including parts & labor costs.
  • Option to Upgrade: Never worry about being stuck with outdated equipment. With our monthly rental program you can upgrade at any time.
  • Potentially Tax Deductible:  You may be able to write off your rental payments as an overhead expense similar to how automotive lease is handled.
  • Try Something Before You Buy It

Rent To Own Surgical Suites

Are you starting up a new surgery center? Do you need the equipment for an additional operating room or specialty service? Quest Imaging Solutions ‘Rent To Own Surgical Suite Program’ is unlike any other rental program available on the market.

It is specifically designed to equip an entire Operating Room, Recovery Room, Patient Exam Room and/or complete Surgical Center with little out of pocket and no credit qualifications.

How the program works…

  • Simply tell us your needs including the type(s) of procedures you will be performing and we will provide you with all the equipment options needed in order to…
    • Add an additional operating room.
    • Add a new specialty procedure/treatment department to your existing surgical center.
    • Start up a new surgical center
    • Be up and running fast

Program requirements…

  • Short 12 month rental contract at a low agreed upon monthly fee.
  • Affordable down payment and first month’s rent is required as part of the contract.

Enjoy many of the same benefits available with our Monthly Rental Program when you Rent To Own…

  • Maintenance and repair services included: while renting including all preventive maintenance, as well as any needed repairs are covered at no costs to you. This saves your company from having to purchase expensive maintenance contracts.
  • Upgrade Options:  If you’re unhappy with any specific item simply exchange it for a different make or model.
  • Potential Tax Benefits:  Many customers have discovered the tax benefits by renting. Depending on your operation you may be able to deduct monthly rental fees as overhead expenses. Please consult your accountant if you’re unsure.
  • Option To Purchase: All medical and imaging equipment available for rental may be purchased at the end of the rental term.