C-Arm Parts

Quest Imaging Solutions has a large inventory of available C-Arm replacement parts and parts for most medical imaging equipment used in operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics, and hospitals.

GE OEC C-Arm Part Services

We specialize in OEC C-Arm part support, repairs and related services.

  • OEC 9900/9800/9600 C-Arms:
    We make hard drives and SRAMs for any software level
  • OEC 9800/9600:
    Large Inventory of Cameras and Collimators
  • OEC 9600:
    HV generator calibration on 9600s for approximately $1000

Available OEC C-Arm Parts

C-Arm SystemPart NumberC-Arm Part Description
GE OEC 9800 Parts00-901201-0110:1 X-Ray Grid, 12″
00-901200-0110:1 X-Ray Grid, 9″
00-879127-0212″ CCD Camera
00-901083-0212″ Image Itensifier
00-901076-0416″ Monitor, Left
00-901076-0316″ Monitor, Right
00-902226-0118.4 GB Cine Drive
00-901837-0118.4 GB Cine Drive
00-879805-04486 X-Ray Controller PCB, MF
(no Cardiac, good for 4 button FS)
00-879805-05486 X-Ray Controller PCB, MF
(works on Cardiac systems)
00-879126-029″ CCD Camera
00-901226-029″ Image Intensifier
00-879364-02Backplane PCB, MF
00-880306-03Battery Charger PCB, MF
00-900589-01Battery Pack Asm
00-880406-02Capacitor/Power Module
00-901226-03Cardiac Image Intensifier
00-879501-01Cine 2-Disk Backplane
00-880923-01Cine Bridge PCB
00-880324-01Control Panel Processor I/O PCB, MF
00-878488-03Control Panel Processor PCB, MF
00-876613-06Control Panel Processor PCB, Wkstn
00-879502-07Control Panel, Left, MF, Text
00-879502-06Control Panel, Right, MF, Text
00-882239-05CPU Board (with additional memory, will also work on 9800)
9800-FPUCRT-Flat Panel Monitor Up-GradeSee Brochure
00-879119-01DC Distribution PCB, Workstation
00-884594-02Display Adapter S2
00-884594-01Display Adapter S2 PCB
00-901551-02Eathernet Card PCA
00-879186-02External Interface PCB, Workstation
00-879722-04Filament Driver PCB, MF
00-900669-01Floppy Disk Drive
00-879101-04Fluoro Functions PCB, MF
00-878908-02Generator Driver PCB, MF
00-901141-04High Voltage Cable, Standard or Cardiac
00-901141-05High Voltage Cable, Super C
00-878729-05High Voltage Supply Regulatory PCB, MF
00-900987-03High Voltage Tank
00-880405-02IGBT/Snubber ASM
00-901180-01II Power Supply, both 9″ and 12″
00-883283-01Image Processor
00-883807-01Image Processor S4 PCB, Workstation
00-879322-01Interconnect Cable, 20′
00-879173-01Lemo Receptacle Cable
(where Interconnect Cable plugs in)
5340080Mainframe Mother Board (Motorized)
00-879674-02Multi-output Power Supply (24V), PS2 in Mainframe
00-880594-01Power Cord Assembly, 100-127 V (includes bracket)
00-901400-01Power Supply, +5/+-12, Workstation
00-901393-01Power Supply, +5/+12/+-15, PS1 in Mainframe
00-901177-01PS3 Column Power Supply
00-882239-05SBC Board
00-879870-01Stator Capacitor/Transformer
00-879056-02System Interface PCB, Workstation
00-879280-01Text Keyboard
00-901380-02Touch Screen
Hard DriveV.30 Hard Drives Custom Made
00-901403-01Vacuum Fluorescent Display Module
00-871303-01X-Ray Grid Gasket, 9″
GE OEC 9600 Parts00-900658-01386 Workstation Motherboard
00-877815-059″ Image Intensifer Camera
X-ray Tube9600 X-ray Tube
00-876740-03Analog Support PCB
00-872127-05AT COM PCB
00-876504-03Auxillary Interface PCB
00-876644-02Battery Charger PCB 69-1000 & below
00-877997-03Battery Charger PCB 69-1001 & up, 12″ Systems
00-878494-01Column I/O PCB 9600+
00-875603-01Control Panel Processor PCB Mainframe
00-876613-05Control Panel Processor PCB Workstation
00-878491-01CPP I/O PCB
9600-FPUCRT-Flat Panel Monitor Up-GradeSee Brochure
00-876841-01DC Distribution PCB
00-900792-01Deflection PCB
00-878891-01Full Frame Fast Scan Converter
69-3550 & up, 62-0480 & up, Cardiac and Bolus Chasing
00-877463-04Generator Driver PCB above 2000
00-877463-03Generator Driver PCB below 2000
Hard DriveHard Drives Custom Made
00-876399-02High Rate Scan Converter
00-878400-02Image Functions PCB (large board) above -2103
00-878400-04Image Functions PCB (large board) Cardiac
00-874752-05Image Functions PCB (small board) above -2000
00-874752-03Image Functions PCB (small board) below -2000
00-875954-02Image Processor
00-875954-02Image Processor PCB
00-900661-01IP-SCSI Disk Controller
00-900588-02Mainframe Motherboard,
2 board systems only Below 2000
00-900970-03Mainframe Motherboard,
3 board systems only Above 2000, 12″,Super C
00-877791-03Pixel Filter  PCB
00-878003-02Power Control PCB
00-875999-05Power Motor Relay PCB
00-878000-03Power Signal Interface PCB Above 2000, 12″,Super C
00-876003-02Power Signal Interface PCB below 2000
00-901206-01PS1 Power Supply, 5V Mainframe
00-900689-01PS1 Quad Ouptut Power Supply Workstation
00-900608-01PS2 24V Power Supply Mainframe
78-590390-00PS4 24V Power Supply Workstation
00-879307-02SCSI Controller PCA (for Cine)
SRAMsSRAMs Custom Made
00-876786-01Surge Suppressor PCB
00-877744-04Technique Processor PCB ALL Systems
00-872239-06Video Switching PCB
00-877460-08X-Ray Regulator PCB above 2000
00-877460-07X-Ray Regulator PCB below 2000
GE OEC 8800 Parts00-901928-02C-Arm Cable (HV Cable)
00-901589-01Monoblock Generator
GE OEC 6800 Parts00-901643-01Monoblock Generator