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    Final Cost Considerations
    In addition to the components listed above, there are a number of other expenses to consider as part of your over-all C-arm installation cost. Although most of these are required to operate your C-arm safely and effectively, they may not be included or even sold by all C-arm re-sellers in the market.
    Radioactive shielding is extremely important. It must be provided for all staff who work near a C-arm. Aprons can average $200-300 each, while goggles start at $55 per pair and can cost up to $250 per pair for the best protection available. Shielded gloves cost anywhere from $130 to $250 per pair.
    Your facility will also have to be inspected and certified by a physicist after each new C-arm install. The price for this, which is required by federal mandate, is up to the individual independent physicist providing the service, so it’s best to negotiate it with an inspector near your location. You can find these  contractors by contacting your state Department of Health.
    The Department of Health will also provide you with their specific regulations regarding the level of lead shielding you need in your facility for C-arm operation. This can vary widely from state-to-state; while in some locations portable shields and aprons are all that is called for, however in other facilities leaded drywall or shielding apparatus may need to be hung. Again, your state’s particular DOH can direct you on what is necessary.
    A C-arm is a large investment, even for a well-financed institution. It can be quite beneficial, in your role as governing agent of your institution, to protect such a costly investment with some type of warranty or service plan. The quality and cost of such plans can vary significantly from vendor to vendor, and so considering coverage is an important part of your initial vendor research. Be sure, when selecting a coverage plan that all major components are included. If you have your own engineering staff, a parts-replacement only agreement would allow you to protect your machine’s longevity without the burdensome cost of vendor-supplied support techs.

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