A Quick Primer on C-arm Types and Applications

If you’re looking into C-arms for the first time, we’ll use this space to briefly discuss the basic types of C-arms, also known as fluoroscopy machines and mobile fluoroscopy machines.
First we have the Mini C-arm which allows practitioners to scan extremities: hands, wrists, feet, ankles, knees and shoulders.

GE OEC Mini C-Arms available new or refurbished
GE OEC 6800 Mini C-ARM

Next up is the full size C-arm, which allows practitioners to have the patient on the imaging table positioned between the image intensifier and the tube, enabling the capability to scan virtually any aspect of the anatomy.

Full size C-arms incorporate either 9 inch or 12 inch image intensifiers.

The 9 inch image intensifier is used for orthopedic and pain management procedures, and the 12 inch image intensifier most often is utilized for vascular studies.

New and Used Full Sized C-Arm
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The third type of C-arm is essentially a hybrid of the mini and full size and is referred to as a Compact C-arm. This imaging equipment utilizes a 9 inch image intensifier.
The main advantage of the compact C-arm is its enhances capability for mobility. The compact mobile fluoroscopy unit allows uncomplicated movement of the system from room to room. In addition the machine has a small footprint.

Compact C-Arm Machine Sales and Rentals
Compact Mobile Fluoroscopy C-arm

Quest Imaging Solutions offers a wealth of options to meet your medical imaging requirements. We sell and rent both new and refurbished C-arms. We invite you to contact us for an evaluation of your specific situation and recommendations on the right fluoroscopy equipment for your practice.