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What Do We Really Have In Stock?

Customers of medical equipment rental companies hear and read the term “inventory” and “stock” ad-nauseum when seeking equipment but what do those terms really mean? If you’re not able to visit the actual store rental location you have to go on blind faith that the company you’re working with has a dense selection of equipment stored somewhere in a warehouse but what if that’s not the case?

Why Inventory Matters

Imagine you’re reserving a C-arm machine at a medical equipment rental hub. You send your payment to the business by credit card and then fail to receive the shipment the day you need it because they don’t have it in their inventory. You’re likely to go into a panic and rightfully so.
When you submit a deposit on a system, the hope it’s with a provider that currently controls the placement of that system. However, if you make a payment on the equipment and the rental company you’re transacting with isn’t in possession of the item you’re buying or renting, you’ve no choice but to trust that they will order the machine on your behalf. This is problematic because while they hold your payment/deposit, you’re forced to play the waiting game for if/when they’re able to get you the ordered item when you could be seeking assistance elsewhere.
It’s paramount to do business with a company that has secured the system you’re looking to purchase. You don’t want to be in a situation where someone is holding your hard-earned money with empty hands to show for it.

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Quest Imaging Solutions Inventory Warehouse

The Inventory at Quest Imaging Solutions Medical

Quest Imaging Solutions is committed to transparency when working to meet the needs of our customers. We have dozens of medical imaging devices in-stock at a physical warehouse. If there’s equipment we don’t have in inventory, we’re candid about what we currently have so it doesn’t take away from your time–which we value.
We provide new, used, & refurbished C-Arms, C-arm tables, operating room equipment, and medical equipment for hospitals in the United States. Visit our Medical Equipment Sales page for more information on buying equipment.