SonoScape S8 Expert Ultrasound


New S8 Expert Portable Ultrasound For Sale

The Sonoscape S8 Expert ultrasound machine is a color portable ultrasound. It provides optimized solutions for many applications with improved user experience. The S8 Expert ultrasound machine combines the best ergonomics, ease of use and attractive design. Standard features include 15″ high resolution LED monitor, 2 probe ports with probe holder, ECG module, measurement packages and exam reports. The S8 Expert ultrasound machine is available new for abdominal, cardiovascular, obstetric & gynecology, pediatric, musculoskeletal, rheumatology and urology imaging applications.


  • L741 Linear (Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4-16 MHz/ 46mm
  • L742 Linear(Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 38mm
  • L743 Linear(Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 46mm
  • L752 Linear (Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 52mm
  • C344 Convex (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R40mm
  • C353 Convex (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R55mm
  • C322 Convex (Abdominal Biopsy), 2-6.8 MHz/ R20mm
  • C613 Micro-Convex(Cardiology, Pediatrics), 4-13 MHz/ R14mm
  • 6V1 Endocavity (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R11mm
  • 6V3 Endocavity (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R10mm
  •  EC9-5 Transrectal (Urology), 3-15 MHz/ R8mm
  •  Biplane BCL10-5 (Urology), Convex 3.9-15 MHz/ R10mm, Linear 5-16 MHz/ 60mm
  • 10I2 Linear (Intra-operative), 4-16 MHz/ 25mm
  • LAP7 Linear (Intra-operative), 6-16MHz/ 40mm
  • 2P2 Phased Array (Cardiac, Transcranial), 1-6MHz
  • 5P1 Phased Array (Cardiac, Transcranial, Pediatric), 3-9MHz
  • Transesophageal MPTEE Mini (Cardiology, Pediatric), 4-8.2 MHz
  • VC6-2 Volumetric Convex Array (Obstetrics, Abdominal, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R40mm


  • Pulse Inversion Harmonic
  • Real time 3D (4D)
  • TDI
  • Color M
  • Stress Echo
  • CW
  • C-xlasto: Elastography
  • 2D Panoramic Imaging
  • Color Panoramic Imaging
  • Printers
  • External DVD
  • Footswitch
  • Biopsy guides
  • Mobile Cart
  • Suitcase
  • Extended transducer sockets
  • Keyboard cover