X-Ray Machine Services

X-Ray Machines For Sale

Quest Imaging Solutions provides new and refurbished digital x-ray equipment and accessories including X-Ray rooms, portable X-Ray Machines, lead aprons, view boxes and more.

We offer project management and turn-key digital Rad Room packages. For information on pricing and availability simply give our offices a call or fill out the request a quote form.

Purchasing Digital X-Ray Equipment:

Below are common questions and options the Quest Imaging Solutions team typically reviews when helping doctors purchase and set up digital X-Ray machines, equipment, accessories, and RAD rooms.

  • New or Used:  Are you interested in a New or Refurbished X-Ray System?
  • Portable or Room:  Are you looking for a portable X-Ray System or setting up an X-Ray Room?
  • Room Size:  What is the Room Size where the X-Ray Equipment will be used?
    • 13′ x 14′ is an ideal room size for an X-Ray Room
  • CR or DR:  Interested in computed radiography (CR) or digital radiography (DR)?
    • If Portable – Is a digital component required?
  • Imaging Table:  What type of X-Ray Imaging Table is desired?
    • Elevating table or ‘only float’?
  • Tube Crane:  Are you looking for an Overhead or Floor Mount Tube Crane?
  • Power Supply:  What Kind of Power do you have on site?
    • Single Phase or 3 Phase?
  • Procedures:  What kind of procedures are you performing?
  • PACS:  Do you need a picture archiving and communication system (PACS)?
    • If you do need PACS – How many exams are going to be performed?
    • Do you send images out to be read or are they read onsite?

Popular Portable X-Ray Systems:

  • Refurbished GE AMX IV Portable X-Ray System
  • Refurbished GE AMX III Portable X-Ray System
  • Refurbished GE AMX II Portable X-Ray System

Popular X-Ray Rooms:


  • Americomp AM1 X-Ray System
  • Americomp AM2 X-Ray System
  • Americomp AM3 X-Ray System
  • Americomp AM4 X-Ray System
  • Americomp AM5 X-Ray System


  • Americomp AV1 X-Ray System
  • Americomp AV2 X-Ray System
  • Americomp AV3 X-Ray System

Commonly Purchased X-Ray Accessories:

  • Lead Aprons
  • Lead Thyroid Collars
  • View Boxes