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Value and Performance Are Hallmarks of this Philips Medical Imaging Equipment

The ability to offer minimally invasive procedures to patients is one of the benefits which drives the desire to incorporate the Philips Veradius C-arm into many practices, including physician’s offices, surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics.
This very advanced mobile fluoroscopy unit offers many easy to use features. The quality of the images is very good while the dose is very low. The higher quality image means less repeat imaging.
The Veradius has a very smooth moving mechanism which allows the technician to go back and forth between imaging positions quickly and easily. The ability to switch between an axial view to an AP view is efficient, as is the ability to remain in position without locking.
The Veradius is designed and engineered to be a plug and play C-arm. Even those who have never used a Philips C-arm find they can use this imaging equipment without a problem. Ease of use with this platform tends to increase productivity. A saving of even a very small amount of time during the course of a procedure because the C-arm is easier to use generally equates to a positive impact on the bottom line.

RAD Techs Like the Veradius

Radiology techs like the fast boot-up time and the ability to have the fluoroscopy machine turned on and ready before the physician calls it into use. They also like the second monitor for their use in viewing the procedure. They also find value in the laser and the color coded locks which enable them to become more familiar with the machine quickly.
If you seek clinical as well as financial value in a C-arm, the Philips Veradius has you covered. The system is upgradable, and offers low operating costs which are significant when factored over the course of a decade or more.
Combine all the above with Philip’s medical imaging equipment’s reputation for quality and reliability, and it’s not hard to understand why this C-arm is used widely worldwide.
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image: Philips Healthcare