Heart Decide is one of the top rated free medical apps for patient education. One of the keys to success for the iPhone is its form factor. Few apps take advantage of that fact in the way that the Decide series from Orca Health does. Here, we look at Heart Decide as an example of that series. Heart Decide opens directly to its most impressive feature, a 3D beating heart that the user can rotate in all dimensions, view numerous slices of, and view in a surprising level of detail.
Physicians and other healthcare professionals may find limited uses on their own. The app, however, seems primarily designed as a tool to drive conversation between a healthcare professional and a patient. As difficult as it may be to explain a valve procedure to a patient without visuals or models, this app makes it much easier to understand.
There are also short videos on various topics ranging from angina to heart failure; these videos seem like nice adjuncts for patients to review in the waiting room. The videos on procedures are much shorter and lack narration; clearly designed to be part of a conversation between a healthcare professional and patient.
Overall, this app is a perfect example of an app that not only leverages the capabilities of the iPhone exceptionally well, but does so with a clear purpose in mind.
Source: iMedicalApps