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    The Skyscape Medical Resources app is used by more than 2.5 million healthcare professionals to access the medical resources they know and trust at the point of care. This valuable decision-support tool helps physicians, nurses, students and other HCPs find the right answers, right away. Skyscape is an all-in-one app with robust features including SmartLink, Skysacpe’s proprietary cross-reference functionality, medical calculators, algorithms, interactive images, flowcharts, and frequent content updates. Included for free is RxDrugs which offers comprehensive information on thousands of brands and generics, with interactions, pill images and over 400 integrated dosing calculators. This resource also includes formulary information covering 5,000 health plans in all 50 US states. Archimedes: Medical calculator with more than 200 interactive tools, organized by specialty. Outlines in Clinical Medicine: Evidence-based clinical information on hundreds of diseases and symptom-related topics, presented in convenient outline format. MedAlert: In-context and specialty-focused journal summaries, trial results, breaking clinical news, drug alerts and other information, fully integrated with the apps global search and SmartLink. Skyscape has also partnered with more than 50 respected publishers and content providers to offer the best of the most trusted medical resources, regularly updated to ensure you have the most current information at your fingertips. SmartLink Empowers your natural thought process by cross-referencing all consulted resources, from initial patient interaction to diagnosing, treating and prescribing. Content Updates Skyscape resources are continuously updated so you can be confident that you have the most up-to-date available. SmartSearch patented dynamic search finds the information you need, even when you don’t know where to look. Algorithms Clinical decision trees guide diagnosis and treatment choices. Integrated Calculators Power on-screen calculations directly from your research topic. Flowcharts Transform complex algorithms and protocols from static images into dynamic step-by-step decision support tools. Full Color Images Bring conditions to life and incorporate clickable hotspots to identify structures. Signs & Symptoms Index matches a comprehensive checklist of symptoms with possible diagnoses. Finally Skyscape customer support is available all the time and can be reached by email or phone.
    Source: iMedicalApps