One of the most revolutionary procedures in medicine, laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that allows surgeons use small “keyhole” incisions and tiny 3D cameras to operate on internal organs without leaving big, slow-healing scars. As fascinating as the procedure already is, Sony is introducing a 3D helmet display that advances the technology even further.
At an estimated price of $15,000, the HMM-3000MT helmet has two OLED displays producing a high-definition 3D image, providing a clear, sharp view of what’s going on inside a patient. A gap at the bottom of the helmet lets the surgeon view the outside world (like the patient’s abdomen, or the surgeon’s hands) by looking down. Current systems require looking back and forth between the surgical field and a video monitor. The HMM-3000MT does not require this and allows the surgeon to focus and be more precise. The helmet even has picture-in-picture, along with image flipping and rotating capabilities to help keep the surgeon oriented.
Sony says the product has already been approved for surgical use in Japan, and will hit operating rooms there starting August 1st. The helmet has not yet been approved in the U.S. or Europe but is in the process.
Source: Gizmodo