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    Which C-Arm Machine is Right For You?  OEC 9800 vs OEC 9900

    Being a prudent buyer, you’re conducting your due diligence on the C-Arms available for sale in today’s medical imaging equipment marketplace. Here we will help you research the GE OEC 9900 C-Arm and compare it to the GE OEC 9800 C-Armwhich is “a true workhorse in the OR…the OEC 9800 is in use in more facilities worldwide than any other mobile C-arm.” – GE Healthcare

    Both C-Arms are identical in these respects:

    • the X-ray tubes
    • Generator
    • Image Intensifier
    • Steering
    • Imaging Chain

    Both C-Arms Provide similar image quality:

    Image quality on the 9800 and 9900 C-arms is essentially identical providing 1K by 1K camera resolution. The 9800 employs 16” CRT monitors while the 9900 utilizes 18” articulating flat panel monitors. Quest Imaging Solutions now offers a flat panel monitor upgrade for the 9800, which essentially make both systems the same.

    Their image storage capacity is identical:

    The OEC 9800 C-Arm and OEC 9900 have an image storage capacity that starts at 63 images, and goes up from there with different packages. Additionally, both C-Arms employ DICOM, which can be integrated with a PACS system.
    Should your medical facility currently lack a PACS machine to engage with DICOM, the OEC 9800 C-Arm or OEC 9900 C-Arm can both be outfitted with a Medicapture Device equipped with a USB Flash Drive, allowing storage of up to 10,000 images.
    The flash drive is removable, allowing the images to be downloaded to a PC or EMR system at the practitioner’s discretion. The USB flash drive can then be cleared and reused.

    The OEC 9900 offers these unique features which are not found in the OEC 9800:

    • HIPAA secure view
    • USB/DVD storage
    • Pre-set image profiles for each configuration
    • Increased onboard static image storage
    • Improved software features for vascular work

    Being a newer mobile C-Arm model with these additional features, the OEC 9900 requires a larger investment, but any savvy medical equipment buyer knows functionality and value are remembered long after price is forgotten.
    Quest Imaging Solutions has used or refurbished OEC 9800 C-Arms & OEC 9900 C-Arm Machines available for sale and rent. In addition we supply parts and offer repair/maintenance services on all GE fluoroscopy equipment.
    To learn more about these C-arms, we invite you to contact a knowledgeable Quest Imaging Solutions representative, who can help you determine the C-arm which best fits your practice requirements and budget.

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