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    Elara 11 Vacuum Class B Sterilizer

    New Elara 11 Medical Autoclave For Sale. The Tuttnauer Elara11 provides an ideal sterilization solution for dental, outpatient and private clinics that require pre/post vacuum sterilization.


    Elara 11 Pre/Post-Vacuum Class B Sterilizer For Sale

    The Elara 11 Vacuum Class B Sterilizer is designed to meet the needs of clinics that require pre-post vacuum sterilization (dental, medical and veterinary clinics). Elara autoclaves analyze and alert you when poor water quality is detected.

    Elara 11 Class-B Sterilizer Features:

    • High Speed – The Elara 11 is fast, making steam available for immediate use.
    • 30% Extra Capacity – Tuttnauer trays have 30% more capacity, compared to competitors Class-B trays
    • Advanced Control – Multi-lingual display
    • Life Long Durability – 316L stainless steel chamber
    • Data Management – Data for 100 cycles downloadable to a PC through the USB port/Built-in thermal printer
    • Water Quality Check – Front/Top water filling.


    • Chamber Dimensions: 11″ x 19.8″
    • Volume: 7.5 gallon/28.5L
    • Overall Dimensions: 26″ x 20.9″ x 17.3″
    • Standard Cassette Capacity: 4 Full & 4 Half (loaded vertically)
    • Tray Dimensions: 16.3″ x 6.7″ x 0.6″
    • No. of Trays: 5
    • Voltage/Freq: 230V; 50/60
    • Power: 2300W/10A
    • Shipping Weight: 171 lbs

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