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    EZ Full Wrap Skirts

    Techno-Aide’s EZ Full-Wrap Skirts are a premium and cost-effective solution for lower-body radiation protection.

    Our full panel overlap provides complete frontal protection for vital organs from harmful radiation. The lower-body design evenly distributes weight across the waist and hips for extended comfort. Techno-Aide’s Lap Guard Half aprons feature convenient unisex sizing and a secure hook & loop closure. Available with 0.5mm Pb front and 0.25mm Pb equivalent back protection and your choice of three media options: Regular Lead, Lightweight Lead (composite), or our premium Super-Lite® Lead-Free. Combine with an EZ Full Wrap Vest or EZ Reverse Full Wrap Vest for full body protection. All Techno-Aide aprons include free embroidery/monogramming.


    – Complete lower-body protection for vital organs

    – Features a large front storage pocket

    – Convenient unisex sizing and a combination hook & loop and buckle closure

    – Available with 0.5mm Pb front and 0.25 Pb equivalent back protection

    – Free embroidery/monogramming included

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    Dimensions 22 × 4 × 11 in

    Petite (P), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), XL (X), 2XL (2), 3XL (3)

    Protective Media Thickness And Type:

    0.5mm Lightweight Lead Media (5L), 0.5mm Regular Lead Media (5R), 0.5mm Super-Lite™M Lead-Free Media (5N)

    Fabric Style:

    11 – Royal Blue (Standard Nylon), 12 – Navy (Standard Nylon), 20 – Green (Standard Nylon), 21 – Teal (Standard Nylon), 22 – Forest (Standard Nylon), 23 – Gray (Standard Nylon), 33 – Black (Standard Nylon), 41 – Sunshine (Standard Nylon), 43 – Orange (Standard Nylon), 51 – Red (Standard Nylon), 52 – Hot Pink (Standard Nylon), 53 – Purple (Standard Nylon), 54 – Berry (Standard Nylon), 61 – Sapphire (Reinforced Nylon), 62 – Ruby (Reinforced Nylon), 63 – Emerald (Reinforced Nylon), 64 – Onyx (Reinforced Nylon), 69 – Skulls (Specialty Nylon), 71 – Leopard (Specialty Nylon), 72 – Lots-O-Dots (Specialty Nylon), 73 – Sleepy Sheep (Specialty Nylon), 76 – Blue Paws (Specialty Nylon), 77 – Life Vines (Specialty Nylon), 78 – Waterfall (Specialty Nylon), 80 – Red Paws (Specialty Nylon), 81 – Black Paws (Specialty Nylon), 82 – Pink Camo (Specialty Nylon), 85 – Digital Camo (Specialty Nylon), 91 – Stratos (Comfort Nylon), 92 – Ocean (Specialty Nylon), 93 – Midnight (Comfort Nylon)

    Binding Color:

    Black Binding (K), Gray Binding (G)

    Closure Style:

    Velcro® Style Hook & Loop Closure (V)

    Apron Attachment:

    Non-Tethered (N)

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