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    Siemens SIREMOBIL Compact L C-Arm

    Used Siemens Siremobil Compact L C-Arm For Sale. A wide spectrum of radiology based functions in the O.R. are supported by the SIREMOBIL Compact L C-Arm. This fluoroscopy x-ray machine is employed by orthopedics, trauma surgery and general surgery, among others and has been completely refurbished to manufacturers specifications.

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    Siemens SIREMOBIL Compact L C-Arm For Sale

    Refurbished SIREMOBIL Compact L C-Arm for sale from Quest Imaging Soluitons. The SIREMOBIL C-Arm system is often used in medical applications like pain management, orthopedics, or general surgery. Quest Imaging Solutions has a variety of Used Siemens SIREMOBIL Compact L C-Arm Machines available for purchase or rent along with a large selection of parts.

    The compact and ergonomic design of the SIREMOBIL Compact L C-arm makes it simple to handle and operate. This all-round compact c-arm is perfect for your clinical surgical imaging needs.

    Siemens SIREMOBIL Compact L C-Arm Machine Features:

    • Fully Refurbished
    • Optimized Clinical Workflow and Connectivity
    • High Quality Imaging
    • Powerful Performance of 1,4 kW
    • User-Friendly Operation
    • Clinical Versatility
    • Dose Savings
    • Fully Adjusted To Siemens OEM Specifications
    • New Paint
    • Full Electrical Inspection
    • 6 Months Parts & Labor Warranty

    User-Friendly Operation:

    • Intelligent color coding for precise positioning
    • Excellent maneuverability due to its compact and lightweight design
    • New ergonomic handles for comfortable operation

    Optimized Clinical Workflow and Connectivity:

    • Intuitive graphical user interface
    • Context-sensitive shortcuts for system operation and networking
    • Easy selection of application-specific procedures
    • Integrated O.R.-relevant DICOM 3.0 functionalities
    • Preview selection and viewing of clinical images via thumbnails

    High Quality Imaging:

    • New image processing and communication system MEMOSKOP CX
    • High brightness- and high-contrast TFT monitors
    • Mu-metal shielded image intensifiers
    • Ideally matched imaging components from Siemens
    • SIREMOBIL Compact L is an all digital imaging system for image processing, display and storage in 1K

    Powerful Performance of 1,4 kW:

    • High power output of 1,4 kW
    • Virtually unlimited fluoro time – over 50 minutes
    • Tube currents of up to 8.9 mA for fluoro, up to 12 mA for DR
    • 7” or new 9” light-weight image intensifier
    • Storage capacity from 200 up to 5000 images

    Clinical Versatility:

    • Customer-specific organ programs
    • Large range of orbital movement (130°) with 40° overscan for extended projection flexibility
    • Best suited for applications in: General Surgery, Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery, Pain Management, Ambulatory Care, Urology

    Dose Savings with CARE*:

    • High power output with minimal dose
    • Digital image rotation, visualization of collimation location and laser targeting aimers
    • Significant dose reduction in pulsed fluoroscopy in comparison to continuous fluoroscopy

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