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Sonosite Edge Portable Ultrasound

The Sonosite EDGE is a fifth-generation portable PoC ultrasound machine from the brand that built that segment. The screen is noticeably larger than previous models(12.1″) and a solid aluminum core helps to protect the system with the legendary SonoSite rugged durability.  A splash-resistant silicone keyboard makes cleaning and disinfection that much easier. The Edge supersedes the older M-Turbo.


Sonosite Edge Portable Ultrasound

The used SonoSite Edge portable ultrasound machine has a markedly different look than its three predecessors: The SonoSite M-Turbo, MicroMaxx, and Titan products. Using a solid aluminum core and magnesium shell, SonoSite revamped the user interface, increased its overall size, increased the LCD viewing area by almost 2-inches, while minimally increasing its weight. The result is a different look, a different feel, and a better overall viewing area and user experience. And the new shell is as durable, if not more, than prior SonoSite portable ultrasounds.

Overall image quality also improves with the refurbished SonoSite Edge with its next-generation SonoHD2™ and ColorHD™ image optimization technologies.

SonoSite Edge Review:

SonoSite may have revamped the user interface, but it did not forget its target market. The Edge improved on its unparalleled durability and ease-of-use while creating a better overall user experience. It has a very high-tech look and it looks, feels, and gives an overall much-improved imaging experience for the user. Used SonoSite systems are rock-solid and if your budget fits the price of the SonoSite Edge, this is one you should consider to buy.

Imaging Modes 2D
Applications Abdominal, Breast, Cardiac, OB/GYN, Musculoskeletal, Neonatal, Small Parts, Superficial, TCD, Vascular, Venous, General Imaging, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, TEE, Veterinary
Features M-Mode, Velocity Color Doppler, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, Tissue Harmonics, Compound Imaging, Speckle Reduction, DICOM, IMT, Needle Visualization, Auto Optimization, Power Doppler, Tissue Doppler
Year Built 2011-Current
Active Probe Ports 1
Video and Output Options Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, Wireless
Monitor 12.1″ LCD
Touchscreen N/A
Dimensions 8.5 lbs, 13″ x 12.5″ x 2.5″
Export Options DICOM, USB, JPG, BMP, MPEG
USB Ports 2
DICOM Options Store, Print, MPPS, Commitment, Worklist
PC Export Formats MPEG, BMP, JPG
Ethernet Yes
Wireless Yes
Power (USA) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Battery Yes
Trackball/Trackpad Trackpad
HDD Size 8GB
Max Cine Memory 255 Frames
Maximum Depth (cm) 35
Accessories Footswitch, Triple Transducer Connect, Printer, DVD-Recorder, Cart, Barcode Scanner, ECG, VCR
Manufacturers SonoSite


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