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Ziehm Vision FD C-Arm System

Flat-panel technology for distortion-free imaging

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Refurbished Ziehm Vision C-Arm Machine For Sale

Ziehm introduced mobile C-arm flat-panel detector technology to the medical equipment industry with the Vision² FD.  This most recent version features 100% digital images which are free of distortion in over 16,000 shades of gray.  The high dynamic range image production at low levels of radiation clearly sets this mobile C-arm apart from its rivals. A large opening enables simplified patient positioning while the monitor cart features a user-friendly touchscreen and a pair of 18″ monochrome flatscreen monitors.

The monoblock generator’s imaginative liquid cooling system (Advanced Active Cooling) is specifically designed for extended use in operating theaters. Ziehm Vision² FD is engineered and endorsed for applications like spine surgery, neurosurgery, and vascular procedures.


  • Totally Refurbished
  • Flat-panel technology: Fully digital imaging chain for distortion-free images with no loss of quality
  • Large field of view due to larger surface area and the panel’s square format
  • ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control) for optimized image quality, even if an object is moving or the region of interest is not centered
  • Large C-arm opening of 90 cm
  • Fully Adjusted To Ziehm OEM Specifications
  • New Paint
  • Full Electrical System Inspection
  • 6 Months Parts & Labor Warranty

Ease of Use:

  • Easy patient positioning in the OR thanks to larger C-arm opening
  • Synchronized touchscreen user interfaces (Ziehm Vision Center) on C-arm and monitor cart
  • Steer and brake functions activated via a single lever (EasyDrive System)
  • Color levers allow staff to quickly identify desired movement (optional)
  • Remote Vision Center for sterile bedside control (optional)

Image Quality:

  • 1k x 1k image matrix for high resolution
  • Over 16,000 shades of gray

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