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    The last thing you want when conducting an examination are foreign objects obscuring your C-arm image. This is a common occurrence during exams and, if not well-versed in the types of artifacts that occur, it could lead you to head scratching confusion. Artifacts are unidentified smudges, streaks, specks or spots that obscure that appear in your image field.

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    There are two causes of this dilemma: physical and digital debris. In the case of physical artifacts, dirt or dust get into the lens area or phosphor lining in an image intensifier can disintegrate over time and flake off onto the lens. Digital artifacts are the cause of a compromised processing chain. Pixelization occurs and the visual definition of your image suffers marginally as result.

    Cleaning an Image Intensifier

    Physical Artifact
    The first option for resolving the issue involved cleaning the lens manually with an eyeglass cloth. The cloth you use should be similar to the ones you’d use for cleaning eyeglasses. If the artifact is still visible after cleaning the lens, there’s a good chance the artifact is lodged inside the camera.
    Removing the Image Intensifier grid panel  and cleaning behind the grid with an air puffer could be enough to remedy the artifact issue if wiping the lens fails to yield better results. Be sure to also clean the collimator and tube port area (located under the collimator).
    As is the case with the camera lens, if the visual artifact is still appearing, even after wiping both the lens and II grid, you’ll need to consider replacing your machine.
    Digital Artifact
    If the image processing boards of your C-arm machine are not responsive or faulty, digital artifacts can occur. Make sure to un-plug and re-insert the cables and boards. If your connection is still weak and the digital artifact still occurs, you’re looking at a service call/repair/replacement option.

    C-Arm Repair Maintenance Services at Quest Imaging Solutions 

    Need a C-arm repair service? Quest Imaging Solutions’s specially trained, manufacturer certified Field Service Engineers, Clinical Imaging Specialists, and technical support staff deliver results that translate into the highest level of customer care.