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    Shopping for a C-arm machine can be a tedious task. There are many manufacturers and different sizes and applications available on the medical imaging market. It’s easy to get lost in an ocean of options if you’re not equipped with the right information to help determine which C-arm you should buy for your private practice or clinic. At Quest Imaging Solutions, our goal is to assist you in finding the best C-arm for your needs.
    One of the fundamental differences among C-arm machines are the sizes of the image intensifiers. The industry standards includes 12″ and 9″ intensifiers. Although the machines have the same functions, the disparity in size connotes a different set of exam types.

    Types of Exams

    What can you do with a 12″ image intensifier that you can’t with a 9″? The extra three inches allows doctors to exam a wider area of the human anatomy that the other version cannot. The most popular form of study performed with the 12″ model is vascular. Vascular studies are noninvasive tests that check the blood flow in your arteries and veins (no needles required). This wider mode of magnification makes the 12″ ideal for vascular and neurovascular studies. The 9″ version allows for the study of cardiac, orthopedics, pain management, general surgery, pacemaker placements, sports medicine

    Magnification Levels

    Both versions are commonly capable of tri-mode image intensification. Tri-mode imaging allows the image intensifier to zoom in at different levels. For example, the 12″ C-arm model breaks down from 12″ to 9″ down to 6″–the last being the largest magnification on the 12″ image intensifier (notice the intervals of 3 inches).
    The 9″ image intensifier allows the C-arm to image from 9″, 6″ and 4″ magnification. The 9″ allows for procedures such as epidural shots, extremity exams (hands, feet, neck, etc.) and more. The 12″ version is able to scan two human legs at once whereas the 9″ will only leave room for one at a time. You’ll get a larger degree of magnification with a smaller image intensifier.

    Buy Refurbished Used C-Arm Machines at Quest Imaging Solutions

    To purchase refurbished medical equipment including standard sized C-Arm machines, compact C-Arm systems or mini C-Arms contact us, today. All refurbished fluoroscopic C-arms are offered for sale, lease or rent throughout the United States.