The OEC 9800 C-arm is one of the enduring medical imaging devices in the industry. Technology has changed drastically in the years since its introduction to the GE OEC line, one of the biggest advances coming in the form of LCD screen technology.
The CRT monitor reflects the time in which the OEC 9800 was imagined. At the time, it was cutting edge but in an era of mobile, hand-held devices that offer high-definition images, the boxy monitor style is antiquated. Although standard examinations can still be administered with the basic CRT screens on the 9800, the image quality of an LCD upgrade is becoming more appealing to recent purchasers of this tried and true C-arm machine.

Which OECs Can Be Upgraded?

The GE OEC line does offer flatscreen upgrades for the 9800, but if you have a 9600, 2800, 8800 or 6800, you may need to seek a third-party provider. CRT monitors are no longer installed with OECs and most C-arm service providers only accept them as trade-ins towards the installation of a flatscreen monitor. Why should you upgrade your OEC?
Image Quality – Even though the imaging chain is still that of an older model, the LCD upgrade will dramatically enhance the visibility of your current imaging chain. Low pixels limits the clairty of the exam, and when you’re conducting an exam on a patient you want to see as much as modern technology allows.
Screen Burn-in – This is a problem for older machinery like the OEC 9800. Unlike cathode ray tube screens, the LCD doesn’t leave lingering image impressions. This screen discoloration occurs due to cumulative non-uniform usage of the pixels. It’s an impediment to patient exams due to its obfuscation of the image.
USB Image Storage – Installing a USB port into the new LCD monitor casing will improve the memory capabilities of new image storage. In some cases, wireless DICOM units can be installed to allow doctors to view images from a PC within WiFi range of the OEC.

Upgrade OEC 9800 CRT Monitors To LCD Flat Screens

If you’re looking to upgrade your current OEC 9800 or any OEC that uses a CRT monitor, Quest Imaging Solutions provides OEC LED Flat Screen Monitor Services.