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    Ziehm Imaging is further consolidating its position as the leading provider of mobile C-arms equipped with flat-panel technology. With C-arm sales totaling 118 thus far for 2010, the company’s revenue is up almost one-third on last year. Ziehm Imaging mobile C-arm highlights include outstanding image quality, large C-arm openings and high-resolution x-rays with over 16,000 shades of gray.
    In 2005, Ziehm Imaging was the first company to launch C-arms with flat-panel detectors. The Nuremberg company invests around fifteen percent of revenue in research and development and has been a pioneer in the fields of fully digital mobile C-arms with flat-panel technology for many years now. Today, the company is a global player, with exports accounting for 60 percent of revenue. Around 80 percent of the company’s products have been launched within the past three years. Furthermore, Germany’s Federal Armed Forces is equipping its operating centers in field hospitals, hospitals and on navy warships worldwide with Ziehm Imaging products and recently placed a major order worth tens of millions of Euros.

    “With over 270 digital C-arm installations worldwide, it is clear that mobile flat-panel technology has established itself in the clinical environment,” explains Martin Herzmann, Director Global Marketing at Ziehm Imaging. “We have sold over 118 of our high-end C-arms between January and October of this year alone, underscoring once again our position as innovation and market leader,” continues Herzmann.
    Flat-panel C-arms can produce images with over 16,000 shades of gray – four times higher than conventional image intensifiers. The images are also in a square format, which significantly extends the visible area and enables x-rays from Ziehm Imaging to deliver up to 60 percent more information. The flat-panel detector is compact and saves space, giving the C-arm an unparalleled opening of almost 90 centimeters. This makes it easier for surgeons to work with the fluoroscopic equipment during surgical procedures. It also provides greater access to patients, which helps raise clinical success rates. By simplifying patient positioning, the larger opening also makes life easier for OR staff.
    The intraoperative use of mobile flat-panel technology has taken cardiac and vascular surgery in particular to new heights and raised the bar for quality in clinical environments. Operations that previously relied on stationary systems can now be carried out with mobile flat-panel technology. This reduces installation costs for hospitals and clinics, also combining the mobility benefits of C-arm technology with maximum image quality.

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