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Our Newest SonoScape Ultrasound Systems

KenQuest Medical houses a stable of industry-leading medical imaging devices. Chief among those are our ultrasound machines. We provide ultrasound sales and rentals for manufacturers including G.E., Philips / ATL, Siemens / Acuson, Toshiba, Mindray and SonoScape.
SonoScape is a high quality, technology company which has specialized in manufacturing and developing ultrasound systems and ultrasound transducers for many years. Supported by numerous innovative technologies, SonoScape’s introduces A6 as is a reliable and easy-to-use Hand-carried, Ultrasound system with premium image quality which is comparable to high-end cart-based B/W ultrasound systems.
KenQuest Medical now offers three SonoScape Ultrasound models: S8, S2, and A6. Each Color Doppler HCU model is available for rent or purchase.
SonoScape A6 Ultrasound

SonoScape A6 Ultrasound Machine

This ultrasound features an elegant outline design and weighs only 6kg. Attached to a mobile trolley, the A6 creates a comfortable working environment. The A6 features a clipboard option, allowing you to store multiple images for specific tests. Patient information can be stored into the hard drive of the A6, as well.

  • 12-inch angle adjustable LCD, with two transducer sockets, the A6 minimizes streamlines your working fatigue workflow.
  • With premium B/W ultrasound technologies, abundant software packages and a series of high density probes, the A6 assists you in reaching new heights of various clinical applications.
  • Built-in Li-ion battery, with 3-hours of battery life, also supports point-of-care diagnosis (optional)
  • Compatible with a broad range of transducers, including AVI/JPEG, DICOM.
  • Superior documentation abilities: USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM.
  • Compatible with a broad range of transducers, including 180 degree wide-angle endocavity probe

SonoScape S8 Ultrasound For Sale

SonoScape S8 Expert Ultrasound Machine

The S8 is a high-performance, portable ultrasound system. The S8 combines the latest in image processing and manufacturing to establish a new paradigm for cost, performance and diagnostic ultrasound. The S8 is a shared service system with features such as Dopler Tissue Imaging, Continuous Wave Doppler and 3D/4D.

  • Complete imaging mode: 2D with THI,Color M,CFM, PDI, PW,HPRF, CW
  • Full cardiovascular transducers: adult and pediatric TEE, phased array, pediatric phased array, high frequency linear array
  • Supports high density broadband transducers
  • Integrated with state-of-the-art technologies: u-scan, B-steer, Multiple-beam processing, and 4D imaging
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular packages: Stress echo, TDI, Steer M, IMT, and Automatic flow volume analysis
  • Intuitive interface and full function control panel

SonoScape S2 Ultrasound Machine For Sale or Rent

SonoScape S2 Ultrasound Machine

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-resolution ultrasound machine, this is it. The S2 features all the industry standard 2D features that allows physicians to do their own scanning. What sets this machine apart from competing products in the same price range is the speckle reduction and compound imaging technologies. Color-wave doppler is available on this model, as well.

  • 15-inch high definition LCD monitor provides clear image from any angle
  •  Two active transducer sockets allows frequent changing of transducers
  • Duplex, Color Doppler, DPI, PW Doppler, tissue harmonic imaging, u-scan speckle reduction imaging, compound imaging, trapezoidal imaging
  • New patient file management for fast and efficient workflow enhance work efficiency
  • Full patient database and image management solutions: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, USB 2.0, HDD and PDF report increases operator satisfaction
  • Built-in battery supports 1-hour scanning capability

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KenQuest Medical is a leading provider of new, used, & refurbished medical imaging equipment including SonoScape Ultrasound Systems, C-Arms, X-Ray Equipment, and imaging tables. Our equipment is used in operating rooms and hospitals throughout the United States. In addition, we offer a variety of maintenance, service, and repair programs, along with part support services for Ultrasound Systems and C-Arm Fluoroscopic Machines.