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    Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table

    Used Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table For Sale. The Amsco 3085 handles virtually all the surgical specialties you can expect from a surgical table, including urology, neurology, pediatrics, bariatrics, ENT, endovascular and orthpedics.

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    Used Amsco 3085 Surgical Table For Sale

    Amsco 3085 Surgical Table available for sale. As one of the most versatile surgical imaging tables on the market, the Amsco 3085 Surgical imaging table is a popular model. A key feature to this surgical imaging table is its flexible patient positioning available for most procedural requirements. The 3085 Surgical Table offers extremely precise articulation as well as easy access to the patient being examined.

    The 3085 is certainly a cost-effective solution for the general OR and is among the most highly regarded surgical tables.

    Features for a wide array of procedures:

    • Familiar, easy to use hand control quickly performs table articulations for any patient posture needed
    • Return-to-level button enhances patient safety
    • Reverse orient button simplifies patient positioning
    • Radiolucent Orthopedic Extension quickly converts this workhorse general surgical table into a fracture table
    • Bariatric Width Extenders stretch the table width to 28″ to accommodate the girth of up to a 1,000 lb patient
    • Over 300 surgical table accessories are available to accommodate virtually any surgical specialty


    • Pediatric
    • MIS
    • Orthopedic
    • Neurology
    • Endovascular
    • Bariatric
    • Robotic
    • Urology
    • ENT
    • OB/GYN
    • Cardiac/Vascular
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Ophthalmology


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