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    Hologic Insight Mini C-Arm

    The Hologic FluoroScan Insight is an easy-to-use, cost-effective system designed specifically for the extremity imaging market. With high-quality digital images, simplified operation, and easy mobility, the system is ideal for the operating room, emergency department, doctor’s office, and surgery center.


    Refurbished Hologic Insight Mini C-Arm Machine For Sale or Rent

    Manufacturer Description:

    The Hologic Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm answers the needs of orthopedic surgeons for precision and versatility in extremity surgery. InSight combines tremendous maneuverability, ultra-fine fluoroscopy images, and automated adjustments that deliver the optimum image every time, for every patient. No other mini C-arm conforms this perfectly to individual patients, physicians and procedures.

    Hologic continues to set the bar for high-quality fluoroscopy imaging with the smallest X-ray focal point in the industry.

    The advanced degree of automation incorporated into the InSight mini C-arm means surgeons can stay focused on procedures rather than instrumentation and adjustments.

    Unprecedented Flexibility for Comfort and Ease of Visualization

    The demands of extremity surgery are varied. No matter how challenging the body part or the complexity in the positioning, InSight will accommodate your needs with extraordinary flexibility.

    The InSight’s lightweight, flat-screen monitor can be rotated and positioned with effortless ease. The imaging C-arm moves with unprecedented maneuverability and easily allows you to get the precise angles that you need.

    The result is greater comfort for you and your patients and improved visualization in all types of extremity surgeries.

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