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Quest Imaging Solutions OEC 9900 C-Arm
OEC 9900 C-Arm

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the details of what a C-arm machine can do and not consider if it will be a good fit for a healthcare clinic. To help you avoid the painful mistake of purchasing a refurbished C-arm only to find out its dimensions don’t quite fit the area you have reserved for it, we’ll go over a few things you should consider before buying a used C-arm machine.

Measure the Width

If you measure across from one rear wheel to the other, OEC C-arms like the 9800, can measure up to 34″. It’s important to measure the widths of all doorways you’ll be moving the C-arm through. You never know what room you’ll need to transport the C-arm to.
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Maximum Extension of C-Arm

This an important measurement that includes the length of the actual C-arm image intensifier “C” in its vertical and horizontal position. The working space will include the C-arm and the tube housing unit that the wheels are attached to. It’s ideal to make as much room as possible. For example, the OEC 9800 when fully extended measures to 8.5 feet.
C-arm Tables

Dimensions of C-Arm Table

C-Arm tables come in various shapes and sizes. Using Oakworks C-Arm Imaging Tables as an example, top dimensions are typically 22 in. (1.8 ft.) wide x 84 in. (7 ft.) long. It’s not uncommon for C-arm table manufacturers to offer accessories that may increase the overall size of the imaging table.
In order to be totally comfortable you’ll need at least 12′ for the physician to operate. There will need to be about the same amount of space for passage around the room. C-arm machines can take up a considerable amount of space, please measure the dimensions of the operating room and let us know of any structural challenges before committing to a purchase. Quest Imaging Solutions will help you find the right Refurbished C-arm Machine for your purposes!

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