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    Pain Management Stage 2+ Package

    Stage 2 Pain Management Equipment Package for sale. This package includes a choice between 3 premium refurbished full size C-Arm machine, a New 3 position Pain / Imaging Table, an ultrasound system, a refurbished Patient Monitor, and a Crashcart.

    Everything you need and more in order to start pain management services at prices that cannot be beat!


    Quest Imaging Solutions’s Stage 2 Pain Management Equipment Package is for sale. Similar to our Stage 2 Package, the Stage 2 Pain Management Package is ideal for those seeking more than the minimum when it comes to image quality and seeking a longer-term investment for their pain management services. It includes a choice between 3 premium refurbished C-arm machines, a 3-position imaging table, an ultrasound machine, a patient monitor, and a crash cart.

    Similar to our Stage 1 Package, the Stage 2 Pain Management Package upgrades the imaging table to a 3-position/function model. (A 2-function or 1-function table are available at a reduced cost.)

    In addition, the Stage 2 Package includes a pain management-focused Sonoscape ultrasound system. it is also available with a refurbished GE Ultrasound system or no ultrasound option and can be catered to your individual needs.

    Our Pain Management Stage 2 Package is the logical next step in our lineup of pain management equipment packages. The full-size c-arm choices have been upgraded from the models available in our Stage 1 Package and Stage 1 Packages.

    Stage 2 Pain Management Package Equipment Included:

    (1) – Choose a Refurbished OEC 9800 C-Arm, Ziehm Vision R, or Ziehm Solo

    Refurbished GE OEC 9800 Surgical C-Arm Features:

    Quest Imaging Solutions OEC 9800 C-Arm
    OEC 9800 C-Arm
    • 4/6/9” Tri Mode Image Intensifier
    • LED HD Flat Panel Monitor Upgrade Kit (New w/ 2 yr replacement warranty)
    • Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
    • Digital Camera
    • Touch Screen Controls
    • LIH – Last Image Hold
    • Fluoro Boost
    • Edge Enhancement
    • Artifact Reduction
    • Sharpen Function
    • GSP – General Surgical Package Software or better
    • Sony Paper Printer or Medicapture
    • New Paint & Cosmetics
    • New Batteries
    • Fully Adjusted To OEC


    Ziehm Vision R C-Arm Features:

    • Dual Extended Flat Screen 1Kx1K Monitors
    • VisionCenter
    • Tri-Mode 9”/6”/4” Image Intensifier
    • Image Storage
    • Digital Caliper
    • Vision Pulse
    • 16-Bit Digitizer
    • Anatomical Programming
    • Automatic Dose Rate
    • Frame Integration
    • Artifact Reduction
    • Noise Reduction
    • Active Cooling
    • CAS-Integrated Image Guided Surgery
    • CCD TV System
    • Patient Keyboard
    • Laser Aimer

    Ziehm Solo C-arm Features:

    • 1024 x 1024 Pixel Camera Matrix
    • Stationary Anode X-ray Tube
    • 20 kHz high frequency generator
    • 24” High-resolution and high-brightness split screen monitor Ziehm Solo
    • TFT touchscreen monitor 640 x 460 pixels
    • Application-Oriented Anatomical Programs
    • Edge enhancement
    • Zoom
    • Digital image rotation and reversal without radiation
    • Stack filter (Last image hold)
    • DVD-RW – 4.7 GB storage, DICOM, TIFF, AVI, JPG
    • Foot Switch & Hand Switch


    (1) – Streamline 3 Diving Board Style Pain / Imaging Table

    • 3 Power Motions: Up / Down,  Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg, and side to side tilt
    • Full Power
    • Hand & Foot Switch
    • Arm Board Compatible
    • 500 lb Patient Capacity


    (1) –GE Logiq E Ultrasound System

    Logiq E Portable Ultrasound Machine Features:

    • 15″ color LCD monitor Refurbished Logiq E
    • 1 probe port
    • Backlit keyboard
    • Integrated speakers
    • ATO [Automatic Tissue Optimization]
    • Raw data processing
    • Anatomical M-Mode
    • On-board patient data management
    • ComfortScan
    • SmartScan
    • TruAccess
    • Advanced Image compare
    • Image archiving
    • CINE loop
    • 80GB HD
    • CD-RW
    • 2 USB ports
    • Wireless LAN image transfer
    • Lithium-Ion Battery



    (1) – Refurbished Patient MonitorDatascope Passport 2 Passport II Monitor

    • ECG
    • SpO2
    • NIBP
    • Printer


    (1) – Refurbished Crash Cart

    • 3 Drawer
    • Oxygen Tank Holder
    • CPR Board
    • Suction Unit (Refurbished)
    • IV Pole
    • NEW – Heartsine Samaritan AED – 10 year warranty




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