Datascope Passport 2

Used or refurbished Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor for sale from Quest Imaging Solutions. Make monitoring simple with the Datascope Passport II patient monitor!

Quest Imaging Solutions offers the Passport 2 patient monitor with optional Sidestream C02. IBP- 2 Channels are available for an additonal charge as well.

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Refurbished Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor For Sale

Purchase a used Datascope Passport II patient monitor from Quest Imaging Solutions. Make monitoring simple!…Instead of combing through layers of menus the Passport 2 has an easy to use Navigator knob. In addition for often used functions, there are quick-action keys. It has Three waveforms that automatically reconfigure to six whenever needed. It displays colorful numerics which automatically re-adjust to maximum size offering optimal display visibility.

The Datascope Passport 2 patient monitor displays highlighted data in a clear and logical order on its screen. The digital data is aligned to corresponding waveforms allowing for instant interpretation. Additionally graph and list displays are designed with simple personalization options to accommodate user preference. It’s 4 Auto-Set Alarms program can be configured fast and is very easy to use. All customized and/or personalized settings are saved on the Passport 2 Monitors PCMCIA cards which further facilitates rapid set-up.

Passport II Configured with the following parameters:

  • NIBP – Includes cuff & hose
  • ECG – Includes Lead Cable
  • SPo2 – Nellcor OxiMax with Reusable finger sensor
  • Co2 – Sidestream/Mainstream (optional) | *Note this option is Not included with our Pain Management Packages
  • Temp 1 Channel
  • Recorder
  • Available at additional charge: IBP- 2 Channels

Datascope Passport II Monitor Features and Benefits:

  • Dedicated function keys provide one-touch access to all vital functions
  • Colorful waveforms with automatic display configuration simplify use and enhance display visibility
  • Standard features include six waveforms, auto-adjustable large numerics, 3 or 5-lead ECG, lead-selectable respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, and Masimo SET motion tolerant SpO2
  • Optional features include arrhythmia analysis, 3-lead ST analysis with trends and alarms, Microstream CO2, Nellcor OxiMax SpO2, two invasive blood pressures, and a dual trace recorder
  • View 12 ECG analysis module offers diagnostic quality 12-lead ECG interpretation with ST and arrhythmia analysis in a compact, easy-to-use module
  • Gas Module SE offers complete 5-agent auto-ID, CO2, O2 and N2O analysis for comprehensive and reliable gas monitoring
  • Built-in PCMCIA ports allow you to upgrade software, enhance memory, and transfer data with minimal effort
    Integrated power supply with lithium-ion battery technology provides uninterrupted patient care during transport

Refurbished Datascope Passport 2 Patient monitors (without Co2) are offered as part of Quest Imaging Solutions’s Pain Management Packages. For more information or to purchase a refurbished Datascope 2 Patient Monitor contact us today!