Mindray DPM1 Pulse Ox Monitor

Patient Monitoring System



DPM1 is a miniature, lightweight device designed for those practitioners requiring spot-check monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate. With a weight less than eight ounces, this medical device is easy to carry, as well as easy to store.

Choose DPM1 and you’re armed with the accuracy and efficiency you require when performing intermittent monitoring across a wide variety of patients. Plus, this powerful medical equipment is easy to maintain, requiring just four AA batteries for up to 15 hours of run time.

More convenience and less worry for you mean more time focusing on your patient. Take the worry out of your spot-check monitoring routine and go with DPM1, the simple choice.

  • Suitable for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients
  • Enables spot check monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate with automatic data refresh every second
  • Miniature design results in an impressive 0.3 lb device making it a pleasure to use on the go
  • Backlit LCD prominently displays SpO2 and pulse rate readings accompanied by a pulse signal strength indicator
  • Additional useful indicators shown on the LCD include patient ID, low power indicator, data storage indicator, error condition and standby mode
  • Helpful prompts aid in simple and quick troubleshooting: memory full, ID storage full, low battery and general error conditions,
  • Memory supports storage of 200 data records for a maximum of 100 patient IDs
  • Connect to a PC using a standard communication cable for downloading and printing patient trend data
  • 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries provide up to 15 hours of run time
  • Automatic standby and shutdown modes assist in preserving battery power
  • Power-off button operates on a 2-second delay to prevent accidental shutdown


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