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    Mindray V12 Patient Monitor

    Patient Monitoring System



    This medical equipment is the product of research focused on identifying the unique challenges of critical care and other high acuity health care environments.

    The V Series patient monitor has been conceived, tested and proven in a true environment by the practitioners who understand daily complexities and workflows.This device addresses the need for more prudent care without distraction or information overload and unnecessary alarms; simply focusing on the most crucial information.

    Mindray’s advanced monitoring system delivers a unique blend of familiar parameters and a sustainable platform while allowing future expandability demanded by today’s healthcare institutions.

    The V Series V21 and V12 patient monitoring system has the flexibility and adaptability for clinicians’ evolving environments and provides the user with an advanced device which can be deployed anywhere in their facility. The system also enables immediate connectivity through its thread safe VAccess application, bringing the user in touch with patient data streams including electronic medical records, at a single location, without compromising the monitoring of patients.

    V12 Highlights

    • V12 with integrated module bay can serve dual functions as both bedside and transport monitor. Simply remove the portable V 12 from the V Dock and your bedside monitor is ready for transport; no need to disconnect cables or move modules.
    • System elements are interchangeable making it impressively convenient and affordable to maintain
    • Modern user interface eliminates common difficulties encountered with traditional monitors
    • Consistent navigation across monitors minimizes the learning curve, saving valuable clinical time and effort
    • Using the VPS Module, data follows the patient throughout the course of care,creating a continuous medical record
    • Powerful VAccess enables remote patient data streams to be accessed at a single location, without compromising the monitor of patients
    • Modular design is fully scalable to meet the needs of each care unit
    • Integrated wireless capability establishes an expandable and robust platform
    • Intelligent V Dock enables V 12 to automatically switch between wired and wireless mode
    • Color-coded patient connectors, with unique key-code feature, help clinicians to quickly respond to a patient’s changing condition


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