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    C-Arms…What We Have In Inventory!

    What Do We Really Have In Stock? Customers of medical equipment rental companies hear and read the term “inventory” and “stock” ad-nauseum when seeking equipment but what do those terms really mean? If you’re not able to visit the actual store rental location you have to go on blind faith that the company you’re working […]

    Featuring The Philips Veradius C-Arms

    Value and Performance Are Hallmarks of this Philips Medical Imaging Equipment The ability to offer minimally invasive procedures to patients is one of the benefits which drives the desire to incorporate the Philips Veradius C-arm into many practices, including physician’s offices, surgery centers, hospitals, and clinics. This very advanced mobile fluoroscopy unit offers many easy to […]

    Introducing SonoScape Ultrasounds

    Our Newest SonoScape Ultrasound Systems Quest Imaging Solutions houses a stable of industry-leading medical imaging devices. Chief among those are our ultrasound machines. We provide ultrasound sales and rentals for manufacturers, including G.E., Philips / ATL, Siemens / Acuson, Toshiba, Mindray, and SonoScape. SonoScape is a high-quality, technology company that has specialized in manufacturing and […]

    OEC 9800 vs OEC 9900 – Comparing GE C-Arms

    Which C-Arm Machine is Right For You?  OEC 9800 vs OEC 9900 Being a prudent buyer, you’re conducting your due diligence on the C-Arms available for sale in today’s medical imaging equipment marketplace. Here we will help you research the GE OEC 9900 C-Arm and compare it to the GE OEC 9800 C-Arm, which is “a true workhorse in […]

    An In-depth Look Into Surgical C-Arms: Final Cost Considerations

    Final Cost Considerations In addition to the components listed above, there are a number of other expenses to consider as part of your over-all C-arm installation cost. Although most of these are required to operate your C-arm safely and effectively, they may not be included or even sold by all C-arm re-sellers in the market. […]

    An In-depth Look Into Surgical C-Arms: C-Arm Table

    C-arm Table The most expensive C-arm accessory is the C-arm table. This price can range widely, and is a factor of style, weight capacity, and articulations. The high cost of these components stems from the requirement that they be completely constructed of X-ray-invisible materials. A brand-new, basic “diving board” style table will cost anywhere between […]

    An In-depth Look Into Surgical C-Arms: Cost

    Cost The final determinant for your purchasing selection will be how many rads are you planning to put out, and how much will it cost? Prices and rad levels vary widely, with price tending to depreciate almost immediately after purchase of new unit (much like an automobile) while functionality remains the same. The current price […]

    An In-depth Look Into Surgical C-Arms: What To Buy Part 2

    What to Buy Continued (Read Part 1 click here) Time frame is an important consideration, and you would be wise to ask your C-arm vendor upfront about theirs. When purchasing a refurbished unit, everything should be checked. Suppliers who quote less than two weeks time to recondition a unit following its sale are likely cutting corners […]

    An In-depth Look Into Surgical C-Arms: What To Buy

    What To Buy? Now that you know a little bit about the capacities of different C-arm components, and the appropriateness of particular technologies to individual specialties, you are ready to determine which C-arm you wish to acquire, and under what terms. The wide installed base of existing C-arms ensures that there is always a healthy […]

    Physio-Control Develops New Digital CPR Coach

    CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, is a simple procedure that could mean the difference between life or death for someone. However, if not done properly the procedure can be useless or even dangerous. In order to avoid this, Physio-Control has developed the TrueCPR coach that provides precise feedback on how effective the CPR is being performed. The device uses a pair […]